Eco-Drive Bluetooth
Linking with your smartphone

The authentic analogue watch that connects to your smartphone. With light-powered Eco-Drive Bluetooth, worries about cable-charging or replacing batteries are a thing of the past. It’s a whole fun new lifestyle of analogue design plus smartphone connectivity.

Instal the original Eco-Drive Bluetooth app in your smartphone to get call and message notifications, to set the watch alarm and even to get a warning if you’re about to forget your phone somewhere. The possibilities of the analogue watch are expanding.

Eco-Drive Bluetooth
Linking with your smartphone

Eco-Drive Bluetooth is the start of something new
—a watch that combines the best of analogue and smart.



Official App

CITIZEN WATCH Official Application
Eco-Drive Bluetooth S

Instal the official app "Eco-Drive Bluetooth S" to enjoy smartphone-based functions such as call and message notification, in addition to other functions that will enable you to get more out of your watch in a simple, intuitive way.

Key Functions

  • Eco-Drive

    No cables. No fuss

    Eco-Drive Bluetoothes are powered by light. As you go about your day, your watch is charging itself from ambient light, freeing you from the hassle of cables and chargers.

  • Calls, messages, social media notifications

    Keep calm and stay on top of things

    It’s a bore to have to keep checking your smartphone every few minutes during meetings. Not so with Eco-Drive Bluetooth. Your watch will notify you when a new call, e-mail, text or social media notification comes in by spinning its hands or making a sound.

  • Alarm

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    Setting the watch alarm from the smartphone app is simplicity itself. You can even set it to different times for every day of the week. There are three kinds of alarm and 15 sounds to choose from.

  • Search function

    Lost and found

    Mislaid your smartphone? No problem. Just pull out the crown of your Eco-Drive Bluetooth and your phone will ring to help you find it. Better yet, the watch’s anti lost function gives you advance warning if you’re about to leave your phone behind somewhere. Now you’ll never lose your smartphone again.

  • Time sync

    Stay in sync worldwide

    Setting the time by turning the crown of your watch can be a fiddly business. Your Eco-Drive Bluetooth makes things easier by automatically syncing with your smartphone to tell you the precise time wherever you are. If you can’t change the time on your phone, use the app to set your watch to the time of one of 316 pre-selected cities.

  • Light-level Indicator

    You’ve got the power

    Is your watch getting the light—and therefore the power—it needs to keep running? With the in-app Light-level indicator, you can check your watch’s daily and monthly light exposure. If it’s not getting all the light it needs, give it some more to keep it fully powered.

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