A beautiful future based on brave choices. CITIZEN L.A new kind of luxury watch.

Luxury is no longer about flashy and expensive surface decoration.
These days luxury is about products with a rich backstory that are made
with proper respect for people and for the planet.
In tackling the challenges of ethical manufacturing head-on,
CITIZEN L has redefined the whole idea of the luxury watch.

BRAND CONCEPT Beauty is Beauty

Beautiful things come from a beautiful state of mind.Inner beauty always shines through.

“To choose light-powered Eco-Drive watch is to make the right choice—and to know that you are doing so. It’s a beautiful new concept of what a watch can be.”


Designs of timeless, universal beauty

All of CITIZEN L designs have their roots in the concept of pure elegance. They radiate spiritual elegance within a minimalist aesthetic. They always offer something novel and attractive.

PHILOSOPHY Ethical Manufacturing

We seek to use components with the lowest possible environmental burden. We disclose all the materials we use and all the CO2 we emit. We have DRC conflict-free mineral certification. In addition, all models are equipped with Eco-Drive, a CITIZEN core technology that eliminates the need to dispose of batteries.

We have taken our own unique approach to pressing social issues to establish an ethical manufacturing system that gives proper respect to people and the planet.