ETHICAL STORY “A first step towards a world of shared happiness”

Conflict. Exploitation. Environmental destruction. Poverty.
There’s a whole world out there where people’s everyday lives
are about as far from our idea of “everyday” as it gets.
Start looking at the world in terms of the impact you can have and you’ll discover a simple way
to a different, better future.
It’s the ethical approach—the courage to do the small things that, taken together,
have the power to change the world.

Use your imagination

We’re accustomed to a life
of abundance and convenience.
But if people and the environment
are having to pay the price,
can we sincerely describe
ourselves as “happy”?

Be honest with yourself

Every day the news is full of heart-wrenching stories.
People being oppressed; the natural world destroyed.
Pretending you don’t care only makes it worse.
We are one people, sharing the same planet.

Make caring choices

How about a new and worthwhile way to enjoy fashion?
Think about the person who made what you’re wearing.
Think about the community where it was made.
Make choices that are true to your conscience.
That’s enough to change the world.

 Take ethical actions

Think about what you buy and consume.
Your good will—
and that of thousands of others—
is a mighty force.
For instance,
if you opt to buy a fair trade product,
you’re helping to make life better
in the developing world.
Stay away from ivory and fur products
and you’re helping to prevent poaching.
Every little action you take
in your everyday life
lights the way to a better, brighter future.

Our concept of ethical

Just reach out your hand…
There it is: the switch to change the world.
Through the way they are made,
CITIZEN L watches transform
what “everyday” means to you.

CITIZEN’s ethical commitment

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