Eco-Drive One embodies our philosophy of “Better Starts Now”—the simple belief that it is always possible to make something better, and that now is the time to start doing it.

Eco-Drive One line up

Baselworld 2017 new models

The essence of the wristwatch

Throughout our history, we have sought to make watches that people everywhere will relate to and love. Expressing the values of Eco-Drive with maximum simplicity just reflects what CITIZEN has always been about.

In the Eco-Drive One we have created the world's thinnest light-powered watch. It is everything a watch should be—a beautiful, highly wearable object that keeps running.

 A thin and elegant watch that feels fantastic on the wrist, Eco-Drive One is a unique timepiece created to mark a major milestone: 40 years of Eco-Drive.

And now for the next challenge...

  • 1.00mm movement

    85 components . . .
    in a movement just 1.00 mm thick

    Developing Eco-Drive One was a journey into the world of microns. Just 1.00 mm thick, the movement contains 85 components, packed together with cell-like intricacy.

    We used techniques like getting single components to perform dual functions and rebuilding the rotor and coil from scratch to turn conventional watchmaking on its head and create something revolutionary.



    Eco-Drive One



    Power Cell

    The name Eco-Drive One comes from the movement being just 1.00 mm thick. Just one millimetre, it’s still jam-packed with all CITIZEN’s ingenuity and passion. Unconventional materials for thin.

  • Materials to achieve 2.98mm

    Unconventional materials for thinness and strength

    Case Design

    The thinner a watch gets, the more beautiful it becomes. The only problem is: Will it be strong enough?
    The Eco-Drive One models use new materials that offer both thinness and strength.

    Case & Bezel

    The Eco-Drive One models use new materials that offer both thinness and strength

    Flagship Model (Limited Edition)

    Case Material:

    Bezel Material:
    Binderless cemented carbide

    Flagship Model

    Case Material:
    Stainless Steel (Duratect α)

    Bezel Material:


    The Eco-Drive One uses just 150 microns thickness of sapphire crystal for its dial, as a material capable of sustaining its thinness as well as its beauty.

    Case & Bezel


  • Watch assembly

    CITIZEN’s devotion to craftsmanship

    85 components are assembled by the hands of CITIZEN master craftsmen to form 1.00mm thick movement, and a ultra-thin and elegant Eco-Drive watch with 2.98mm case is realized by their skilled technique.

    CITIZEN’s devotion to craftsmanship is evident in the way that nearly every single component, from the gears on up, and even watch assembly process were specially made for this model.