Depth Meter

The Depth Meter measures up to 70m. At the most practical depth range for leisure divers (0 to 30 meters), the watch achieves dynamic hand movement due to larger intervals between the time indicators. The Depth Meter starts at the position of 3 o’clock, horizontal to the surface of the ocean.


Rotating Bezel

The corrugated bezel ensures ease of operation even when wearing gloves.
Rotation is in one direction to prevent operational error.


Visibility for Darkness

Absorbing light in a short amount of time, the watch sustains a bright display and durability even longer. The indicators are made from cutting edge glow-in-the-dark material that doesn’t contain any radioactive substances. The time display and water depth display are indicated in different colors; green for time display, blue for depth meter.


Water Sensor

The Water Sensor automatically starts working when placed in water.


Shell Concept

An exterior casing inspired by a clamshell


Rapid Ascent Warning Alarm

The rapid ascent warning alarm rings as the watch detects ascent equivalent to 9m per minute.

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The Aqualand is the authentic evolution of the
world’s first diver’s watch; introduced in 1985
and integrating the depth meter. The analog
display offers superior, intuitive visibility.

Screwdown Push Button / Checking Reference Position

Ensures the prevention of operational errors

Power Reserve Indicator

Displays the remaining stored energy before diving

Water Depth Hand

Visibility of Dial Layout

Offers instantaneous visibility

Water Pressure Sensor

Screwdown Push Button / Call Maximum Water Depth

Ensures the prevention of operational errors, when calling The maximum depth

Maximum Water Depth Hand

Displays maximum depth during diving

Screwdown Crown

Ensures the prevention of operational errors