Satellite Timekeeping System

The Satellite Timekeeping System quickly searches for the closest satellite in as fast as 4 seconds to modify the day, date and time automatically. It will continue to mark the passage of time accurately wherever you are on the planet.


World Time

The watch is integrated with Citizen’s proprietary world time function.
Just pull the crown and set the second hand to the name of the city to immediately display the relevant day, date and time.


Streamlined Design

The flowing lines of the case are inspired by airplanes and birds in flight.


Super Titanium

Titanium is lightweight, skin-friendly and resistant to rusting.
Citizen achieves five times the robustness of pure titanium by applying a proprietary surface-hardening technology. Citizen provides a scratch-resistant watch that is beautiful in radiance and color, offering wearers comfort and lightness.


Multi Layer Dial

The deep Multi Layer Dial is composed of layered transparent parts which utilize the motif of jet engine turbines.


Visibility for Darkness

Absorbing light in a short period of time, the watch sustains a bright display and durability even longer. The indicators are made from a cutting edge glow-in-the-dark material that doesn’t contain any radioactive substances.

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Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE quickly searches for the closest satellite to set the day, date and time. It will continue to tell time accurately wherever you are on the planet.

Function Indication

Day of the week / Summer Time Indication indication / Power Reserve Indicator

Date Indication

24 Hour Hand

City Indication