BASELWORLD is the largest watch and jewelry exhibition in the world. At this year’s exhibition, to be held in Basel, Switzerland from March 19 to 26, CITIZEN will unveil Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900. This latest addition to the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE collection builds on a culture of innovation that continues to bring the most accurate time to people all over the world.

At CITIZEN, a spirit of embracing challenge has endured since the company’s founding in 1918. This coalesces in our new brand statement, “Better Starts Now,” a simple belief that, no matter who you are or what you do, it is always possible to make something better — and now is the time to start doing it.

We continue to push the boundaries of watchmaking today and in the future.


Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900World’s thinnest*1 multi-functional light-powered GPS satellite-synchronized watch with the world’s fastest*1 signal reception speed-as little as 3 seconds.

Designed with a sense of speed

The driving concept behind the CITIZEN Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 is “speed.” The watch synchronizes with GPS satellites in space with the world’s fastest signal reception speed-as little as 3 seconds. Plus, a high-speed twin-coil motor, specifically designed for this multi-functional watch, enables very fast movement of the hands. This newly designed motor not only instantly displays World Time but also improves the performance of functions such as the dual time display and chronograph.

The CITIZEN Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 also features the world’s thinnest case (13.1mm designed value), which is made from CITIZEN’s proprietary titanium material “Super Titanium™.”

Extreme speed, lightness, and user-friendly features add up to a new era in GPS satellite-synchronized watches.

*1 As of March 2015 for a multi-functional light-powered satellite-synchronized watch (according to the research conducted by CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD.)


The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 always displays the correct time and date because it receives timekeeping signals and position information from GPS satellites orbiting in the space.

World’s fastest*1 timekeeping signal reception speed from GPS satellites — as little as 3 seconds*2

This new GPS satellite-synchronized watch captures time signals wherever you are on the face of the Earth at a speed-as little as 3 seconds*2.

  • *1 As of March 2015 for a multi-functional light-powered satellite-synchronized watch (according to the research data by CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD.)
  • *2 A minimum of 30 seconds are required to receive position information
Receiving position information from GPS satellites

Simply by pushing a button, this new GPS satellite-synchronized watch instantly receives information about your position to display the accurate time for your current time zone.


CITIZEN’s proprietary technology “Eco-Drive” powers watches using any natural or artificial light source. With this eco-friendly technology, watches keep displaying the time without the need to replace batteries.

Extreme precision — accurate to ± 5 seconds per a month

The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 features an ultra-precise Eco-Drive movement that maintains accuracy of ± 5 seconds*/month.

  • *When not receiving time signals from GPS satellites
Light-Level Indicator detects available light energy

The world's first* Light-Level Indicator detects the intensity of light striking the dial and displays how much electricity it generates in seven levels, allowing wearers to easily gauge the charging level in any given situation.

<Black Model> Duratect DLC + MRK (hardness: Hv 1,000 - Hv 1,400)

<White Model> Duratect α + MRK (hardness: Hv 2,200 - Hv 2,500)

Super Titanium™

Super Titanium™ is our special titanium material made by CITIZEN’s proprietary titanium processing technology and surface hardening technology, Duratect. It is resistant to scratches with more than 5 times the hardness of stainless steel, light weight, hypoallergenic and resistant to rusting.

Hardest Super Titanium™ ever

The case and band of the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 are crafted from Super Titanium™ with the highest levels of CITIZEN’s surface-hardening technology, Duratect. CITIZEN creates this super-hard material with its highest level of surface hardening technology, Duratect, that combines both Duratect MRK gas hardening and Duratect DLC or Duratect α.

Vickers hardness for major watch case materials

Vickers Hardness [Hv]
Vickers hardness testing is performed by pressing a diamond indenter into a test surface. This method can be used to measure an extremely hard material. Surface coating hardness just measures the coating hardness under low-load condition but does not show the level of scratch resistance during daily use.

Other Key Features

High-speed twin-coil motor newly designed for this multi-functional watch

A twin-coil motor specially designed for this multi-functional watch drives very fast spinning in both normal and reverse rotations. This means users enjoy maximum speed and responsiveness of functions such as World Time and dual time display.

Dual time display function displays the time in two different time zones

A dual time display function makes it possible to show the time in two different world time zones simultaneously. Wearers can easily switch between main time and local time through instant and intuitive operation.

Satellite Time, in any time zone of the earth

40 time zones across the globe comprise the UTC time standard, and the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 recognizes all 40 of these world time zones.

High-performance chronograph and alarm

The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900 comes with a chronograph that delivers highly accurate measurement as 1/20-second for up to 24 hours, as well as a convenient alarm function.

Launch in Autumn 2015 (scheduled)
Limited model (1,700 pieces worldwide)
Super Titanium™ (Duratect DLC + MRK)

Launch in Autumn 2015 (scheduled)
Limited model (1,300 pieces worldwide)
Super Titanium™ (Duratect α + MRK)

Caliber : F900, Eco-Drive, Satellite Timekeeping System・Global Positioning System, Accuracy of ± 5 seconds per month (when not receiving time signals), World Time in 40 Cities, Dual Time Display Function, Chronograph of 1/20-second measurement for 24 hours, Perpetual Calendars, Light-Level Indicator and Power Reserve Indicator, Alarm, WR10

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The theme of CITIZEN’s installation at BASELWORLD 2015 is “Expansion Time,” produced by DORELL.GHOTMEH.TANE / ARCHITECTS (DGT), an international firm based in Paris. Featuring main plates (the base of a watch that supports all of its components), the installation creates a space of shadows made by light and time. Experience the image of how time originally expanded through this magnificent yet delicate installation.

DGT(ドレル・ゴットメ・田根 / アーキテクツ)


DGT is an international architecture practice founded in Paris in 2006, and is directed by Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh and Tsuyoshi Tane. The winner of the international competition to design the Estonian National Museum, (to be completed in 2016), DGT has numerous ongoing projects globally, gaining the practice much attention worldwide. In 2008 U.K.-based ICON Magazine selected DGT among the "20 essential young architects.” In 2012 DGT was a shortlisted finalist for the competition to design the New National Stadium of Japan. DGT has won numerous other prizes including the young architects prize from the French Ministry of Culture (2008), and the Red Dot Award (2013) and double Awards in Milan Design Week (2014).

Message from Tsuyoshi TANE (DGT)


Yutaka Endo (Representative of LUFTZUG, Art Director, Producer and Technical Director)
Yutaka Endo produces unique creations involving music, video, design and computer technology, with a focus on performance art. Since 2002 he has been involved in various fields of planning, working as an art director, producer and technical coordinator. In 2005 he founded LUFTZUG Co., LTD. out of a desire to do cross boarder artistic expression and engage in creative directing. Recently, Endo has been actively working both at home and abroad, and established LUFTZUG EUROPE in Amsterdam in 2012. Endo's work as a technical director has included Canon MILAN DESIGN WEEK (2010-2012), Panasonic MILAN DESIGN WEEK (2013-2014), CITIZEN MILAN DESIGN WEEK (2014), CITIZEN BASELWORLD (2013-2015) and Hokusai Exhibition in Paris (2014).