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We Explore Time
“What is time?”

From prehistoric to times now, countless civilizations and tribal nations have asked this very question. The gears of time have been turning ever since humanity first became conscious of the concept, and there is no doubt that we will continue to contemplate time in the future. Accordingly, we have time to thank for the present, and when we cast our gaze to an uncharted future, time too casts its reach.

The 20th century was a time for growth. Thanks to a revolution in technology, we aimed beyond the presumably possible, left the surface of the Earth and even reached the moon. Spending enormous amounts of energy in pursuit of the unknown became our progress, while trading in the old for the new became our motivation for evolution and development. And then we hit a wall. Because of our continual desire for further achievements, our precious home that is the Earth, limited in its resources, has begun to creak at its hinges. Though the future of the human race remains unknown and seemingly limitless, the environment in which we live is limited. The course for our future will be set by the citizens of the 21st century.

At We Explore Time, the CITIZEN Watch Group booth at Baselworld 2019, we will be displaying CITIZEN’s latest crafted watches. Visitors will be able to have their own space and time-exploration experience in the glimmering cylindrically shaped installation LIGHT is TIME located in the central arena of the venue. We hope that the rays of light will give you a glimpse of future time.

Join us in our efforts as we continue to explore time in the 21st century for the sake of our future.

Tsuyoshi Tane

Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects

  • Tsuyoshi Tane

    Pavillion Architect

    Tsuyoshi Tane is a Japanese architect based in Paris. He has started Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects in 2017 after co-founder of DGT Architects in 2006 and working experience in London, Denmark and Japan. Through a series of award-winning projects and building such as “Estonian National Museum” 2016, New National Stadium International Concept Design Competition Finalist “Kofun Stadium” 2012, “Todoroki House in Valley” 2018, “LIGHT is TIME” 2014 and many others. Tsuyoshi is recognized as one of the emerging architects in new generation for designing architecture that are belongs to a memory of place that can connect its past to the future as his concept - “Archaeology of the Future”. Tsuyoshi has received numerous awards and honors, including the French Ministry of Culture Architecture Prize, French Architects Overseas Grand Prix, Estonian Cultural Endowment Grand Prix, nomination for the European Union Mies van der Rohe Award 2017 and 67th Japanese Ministry new face Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. He is frequently giving public speaks and lectures and he has been teaching at the Columbia University GSAPP and ESVMD.

  • Yutaka Endo

    Production Design

    Artistic Director, Producer and Technical Director at LUFTZUG. Born in Niigata in 1977, Endo produces unique creations involving music, video, design and technology, deriving from contemporary dance/stage art. He founded LUFTZUG CO., LTD in 2005 in Tokyo. LUFTZUG EUROPE in 2012 and Lugtje in 2018 in Amsterdam. LUFTZUG began its work with the intent of “establishing a role as a media intermediary.” As a bridge between people, technology and ideas, Endo endeavors to bring productions into being that play a social role. Endo’s work has included installation project for CITIZEN “LIGHT is TIME” (Milan, Tokyo 2014), Exhibition for Architect Frank Gehry “I Have an Idea” (Tokyo 2015), Tomoko Mukaiyama “La Mode” (Bolzano, Taichung, Tokyo 2016) “HOME” (Groningen, Den Haag, Iwatsuki 2016-) “GAKA” (Terschelling, Kochi, Kozushima 2018) and many others.