This image video “CIRCLE” expresses Eco-Drive’s limitless possibilities from a new perspective and portrays time as an endless circle, using the original expression of light through a fisheye lens as our motif.  

Through graphics, a stunning view of the endless cycles of past, present, and future is presented with the theme of “The circles of world, time, and light.” The gradations of light, changing moment by moment, embody the infinite possibilities of Eco-Drive, energised by light.    

In the morning, the sun rises above the horizon. The city absorbs the sun’s light and stores the energy that will drive the future. At night, that energy is released as light again, and the city shows a different, night-time face. Time circulates. The days and nights dominated by natural and luminous light are portrayed by endless circles.

Light Forever
Eco-Drive absorbs the infinite, dynamic energy of light to track the endless circle of time.
Eco-Drive connects light, time, and people.

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