Eco-Drive Bluetooth
Linking with your smartphone

The authentic analogue watch that connects to your smartphone. With light-powered Eco-Drive Bluetooth, worries about cable-charging or replacing batteries are a thing of the past. It’s a whole fun new lifestyle of analogue design plus smartphone connectivity.

Instal the original Eco-Drive Bluetooth app in your smartphone to get call and message notifications, to set the watch alarm and even to get a warning if you’re about to forget your phone somewhere. The possibilities of the analogue watch are expanding.

Eco-Drive Bluetooth
Connect to the light.

Combining smart functionality with the elegance of an analogue timepiece, Eco-Drive Bluetooth keeps running as long as there is light.



Official App

CITIZEN WATCH Official Application
Eco-Drive Bluetooth

Instal the official app "Eco-Drive Bluetooth" to enjoy smartphone-based functions such as call and message notification, in addition to other functions that will enable you to get more out of your watch in a simple, intuitive way.

Key Functions

  • Home and Local Time

    Get the time in any city in the world.

    Via the link with your smartphone, your watch will automatically set itself to the time of the place where you are (“home time”). Meanwhile, inside the app, just tap a place on the world map or input a city name to set the watch to the time there (“local time”). The app covers 316 cities worldwide, including Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • Alarm

    Set your alarm from your smartphone.

    You can set your watch alarm simply and intuitively from inside the app. The alarm can be set for a different time every day of the week.

  • Message Notification

    Find out when you get a mail, text or SNS notification.

    The watch emits a sound, vibrates*1 or rotates the hands to let you know when a new e-mail or Social Networking Service (SNS)*2 notification has arrived. Select the apps from which you wish to receive notifications. Now you’re never out of touch.

    *1 Vibration is only available for Cal.W770.
    *2 You can check which SNS apps are compatible from inside the official Eco-Drive Bluetooth app.

  • Call Notification

    Find out when you get a call.

    The watch emits a sound, vibrates*1 or rotates the hands to let you know when someone is calling. A filter function enables you to specify which callers will trigger alerts. You will never miss a call from that special someone ever again!

    *1 Vibration is only available for Cal.W770.

  • Smartphone Search

    Find your smartphone easily.

    Mislaid your smartphone? That’s not a problem. Use your watch to locate your phone by getting the phone to emit a sound to indicate its whereabouts. (Range limitations apply to this function.)

    When you’re about to forget your smartphone somewhere (in a café, for instance), the watch will warn you by emitting a sound, vibrating or rotating the hands to let you know when the link between your watch and the smartphone is broken.

  • Light-level Indicator

    See how much light—and power—your dial is getting.

    See how much power your watch is generating by checking how much light it is exposed to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. CITIZEN is a pioneer in light-powered technology and this unique function reflects our special relationship with light.

    Eco-Drive Light-powered Technology

    No cable-based charging. No replacing batteries.

    Eco-Drive Bluetooth charges from any kind of light. That means no need for replacing batteries or for cable-based recharging. CITIZEN’s proprietary light-powered technology, Eco-Drive generates power from any kind of light—from sunlight to dim light—to drive the watch, storing the surplus in a rechargeable cell. On a single full charge it can run for up to six months in total darkness.*

    *Some models run for less than six months.


We at CITIZEN enjoyed the ongoing challenge of our craft, and we share a passion to bring something “better” to people’s lives—whether that is superior comfort and functionality, or timepieces that inspire a sense of wonder.

With such spirit of watchmaking, in 2006, CITIZEN invented the world's first bluetooth watch named "i:VIRT", a watch that can link with mobiles through Bluetooth(R) and notify incoming call and E-mail. Since then, we have improved and even invented new technologies, and achieved the world's first in this field.


The world's first Bluetooth® Watch
with incoming call and E-mail notification


The world's first Bluetooth®
watch with E-mail checking function


The world's first light-powered
Bluetooth® watch

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