How Smartwatches and Connected Watches Can Help Businessmen

How Smartwatches and Connected Watches Can Help Businessmen

The number of people who use smartwatches and connected watches is increasing year by year. These watches are currently attracting attention not only for their role in everyday life, but also for helping out businessmen with their work. In this report, we compare the touchscreen and analog types of smartwatches and connected watches while identifying their useful functions that can be utilized by businessmen.

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Seven Useful Smartwatch and Connected Watch Functions for Business Use

Seven Useful Smartwatch and Connected Watch Functions for Business Use
  1. 1Immediate notifications for SNS, e-mails, and calls during meetings

    One of the biggest concerns in business settings is missing important calls or e-mails while working or attending a meeting. If such matters require urgent attention and you only get to know about them later, you could not help but find yourself in a state of panic.

    With smartwatches and connected watches, you can easily check the calls and e-mail notifications you receive on your smartphone.

  2. 2Easy time adjustment on overseas business trips

    A watch that automatically adjusts to local time is very convenient for a businessman who frequently goes on business trips abroad. With traditional watches, you would still need to check the correct time and set it manually; with smartwatches and connected watches, the time is automatically adjusted to local time as long as the location has been preset.

  3. 3Easy schedule management

    Schedule management is a vital task for businessmen. Some businessmen claim that schedule management is a breeze with the calendar application and notification functions of smartwatches and connected watches.

    Using a smartphone for schedule management has become common in recent years, but having to open it every time you need to check your schedule is rather tiresome.

    On the other hand, you can easily check your schedule with a watch since it is something you simply wear on your wrist. If you have entered tasks or plans in the calendar app, the watch will vibrate to notify you of your upcoming schedule even when you are concentrating on other work.

  4. 4Vibration function for notifications and alarms

    One of the advantages of smartwatches and connected watches is their vibration function that works as a silent alarm. You can use this function to wake you up when taking a short nap on a train or during your lunch break, or to remind you to take a break every one or two hours at work. You also don't need to worry about disturbing other people since the watch will not ring and only vibrate at the times you have set.

  5. 5Special apps for easy access to public transport

    You can download and install mobile payment apps on your watch to make riding public transportation convenient. You can also easily transfer trains if you need to with just your wristwatch. Another huge advantage is the fact that you won't need to take out your ticket or smartphone in order to pass through the ticket gate.

  6. 6Easy-to-check memos

    Once you get to try the function that enables easy checking of important memos at any time, you will find it to be much more convenient than you had expected. In addition to being able to review memos that have previously entered, you can also record new memos with your voice to ensure that you do not forget ideas that come up while you are on the move.

  7. 7Call function without a telephone or smartphone

    With earlier models, you could only make calls if the smartwatch or connected watch was connected to a smartphone. With the latest models, however, you can make calls even without a telephone or smartphone. Watches with a built-in SIM card allow installation of smartphone apps. In the not-too-distant past, having calls on a wristwatch seemed bizarre and often appeared in futuristic movies; but now, it has become reality.

Smartwatches and Connected Watches that Are Recommended for Businessmen

Smartwatches and Connected Watches that Are Recommended for Businessmen

A wide range of smartwatches and connected watches is currently available on the market. Here, we make a comparison of the touchscreen and analog types.

  1. 1Touchscreen type

    Touch panel displays enable touch operations on a screen just like with smartphones. A huge advantage they have is that they allow you to use various contents and functions, and make customizations that suit your preferences. Their large, easily visible screens are also a plus point.

  2. 2Analog type

    Although analog watches have a limited number of functions available in comparison with touchscreen ones, people who require select essential functions do not find this inconvenient in the least.

    One of the major features of these watches is that they have the appearance of a traditional wristwatch. Analog wristwatches can be used in any business setting without any problems; they also play an important role in establishing a good first impression. Since they look like an authentic wristwatch and not a gadget, they can also be worn with formal suits, providing a very smart impression in any situation, place, or time.


We explained the useful functions of smartwatches and connected watches, as well as the advantages of the touchscreen and analog types. The situations in which they are used also vary depending on the user. We recommend choosing a watch that matches your lifestyle, one that could give you the most support in a variety of business settings.

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