TECHNOLOGYTechnology of
Caliber 0100

03 Expressing the beauty
of each individual second

Every second marked by this watch is like a single line of poetry.
There you can discover time in all its profundity: the moment and the eternal; the rigour that forbids even a second’s deviation; a clear borderline between past, present and future; and quality like a finely polished crystal.

The expression of this watch is one of extreme simplicity: Simplicity that reflects the mechanism’s intention to mark the individual seconds in all their perfect purity.


the individual seconds

We wanted this watch, when viewed from the front, to express the moment when the second hand covers the minute tracks in perfect alignment. The unusually long second hand, minute tracks printed with elevated levels of precision, and minimised gear backlash were all designed to achieve that goal. The perfect alignment of the second hand and the minute tracks is the physical expression of our confidence in the ultraprecision of the watch. We wanted people to “feel” each individual second with their eyes. The result was this supremely elegant and simple design.


BRASS SECOND HANDA beautifully curved
second hand

The second hand is the symbol of this watch. It is designed to be as long as structural tolerance permits and is made of brass, a material with a unique sheen. We then added a gentle parabolic curve to the outer end of the hand; this beautifully expresses the idea of the second hand and the minute tracks straining towards each other in their quest for the purest, most refined form of second. This watch will tell you the time—and also make you forget time. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the exquisite second hand.


SEE-THROUGH BACKDisplaying our passion
for the individual second

The core of this watch is the movement that tells the ultraprecise time without permitting deviation of even one second per year. We infused the movement with all CITIZEN’ s ambition, courage and pride. We want you to feel the same thing. That is why we gave the watch a see-through back—a feature you almost never see on quartz watches. Black ruthenium plate is decorated with a subtly textured striped finish, creating a work of art that projects quality and luxury.