The world's wonders on your wrist

The design concept of CITIZEN L is about seeking inspiration from the beauty of the Earth and the wonders of nature.

That might be intangible things such as light or air, the majestic forms of nature or the captivating variety of living creatures.

Look around. There are mysteries and miracles all around us.

Design that learnt from nature

How do you perceive the beauty of nature, and how do you give expression to it? The answer varies from person to person, partly due to individual taste, but also because of cultural influences. That's why it is not easy to express the beauty of nature in a way that many people can relate to easily. Still, there is a great deal we can learn about beauty from nature. Seeking nature's essence and expressing it through design is the approach we have adopted at CITIZEN L.

In pursuit of universal beauty.

True beauty is not just about appearances. It's a quality that comes from the inside.

It is not focused on you alone, but touches those you love, and people all over the world. It's a feeling of caring for the Earth and the natural world, and thinking about the future with concern and compassion. We try to express these values in our design because we believe they have a beauty that will resonate with everyone.


CITIZEN L's sustainability