CITIZEN is an exhibitor at the world’s largest watch and jewellery show, BASELWORLD 2016, to be held in Basel, Switzerland from March 17 to 24.

It is 40 years since we created the world’s first analogue quartz light-powered watch in 1976. CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive has continued to push the boundaries of the possible ever since.

This year we are launching Eco-Drive One, the world’s thinnest light-powered watch,* as our flagship model.

* As of February 2016 for an analogue light-powered watch, according to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.


Eco-Drive One
- The world’s thinnest light-powered watch: At just 2.98 mm*. -

Eco-Drive One embodies our philosophy of “Better Starts Now”—the simple belief that it is always possible to make something better, and that now is the time to start doing it.

*Design thickness. The thickness of the actual product might be thicker (maximum 0.22 mm) than the design value due to tolerance.

The line between design and technology just got a lot thinner.

CITIZEN seeks to make watches that people everywhere will relate to and love. Expressing the values of Eco-Drive with maximum simplicity just reflects what we have always been about.

The essence of the wristwatch

In the Eco-Drive One, we have created the world’s thinnest light-powered watch. It is everything a watch should be—a beautiful, highly wearable object that keeps on running.

CITIZEN’s devotion to craftsmanship is evident in the way that almost every component, from the gears on up, was specially made for this model. We had to solve countless technical challenges to pack so much technology into its 2.98 mm* thick case.

Eco-Drive One communicates a clear message to the world: CITIZEN believes it is always possible to make something better, in line with its “Better Starts Now” brand statement.

*Design thickness. The thickness of the actual product might be thicker (maximum 0.22 mm) than the design value due to tolerance.

85 components . . .
in a movement just 1.00 mm thick

Developing Eco-Drive One was a journey into the world of microns. Just 1.00 mm thick, the movement contains 85 components, packed together with cell-like intricacy.

We used techniques like getting single components to perform dual functions and rebuilding the rotor and coil from scratch to turn conventional watchmaking on its head and create something revolutionary.

The name Eco-Drive One comes from the movement being just 1.00 mm thick. Just one millimetre, it’s still jam-packed with all CITIZEN’s ingenuity and passion.

Unconventional materials for thinness and strength

The thinner a watch gets, the more beautiful it becomes. The only problem is: Will it be strong enough? The Eco-Drive One Limited Edition Model uses new materials that combine thinness and strength.

Dial Case Bezel
Sapphire Crystal Cermet Binderless Cemented Carbide
- Just 0.15 mm thickness
- Toughness
- Beauty
- Hardness (1,500HV)
- Abrasion resistance
- Hardness (2,100 HV)
- Corrosion and Oxidation resistance

Eco-Drive One Line up

  Eco-Drive One
Limited edition
800 Pieces Worldwide
Eco-Drive One
Launch Autumn/Winter 2016
Ref AR5014-04E AR5000-50E AR5000-68A AR5004-59H
Projected Price USD 6,000 USD 2,600
Case Material Cermet*1
with binderless
cemented carbide*2
Stainless steel (Duratectα) with cermet bezel
Band Material Black crocodile leather Stainless steel (Duratectα)
Crystal Sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Case Diameter /Thickness 38.5mm/2.98mm*3 39.0mm/2.98mm*3
Movement Cal.8826 , Eco-Drive, Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month, Runs 12 months on full charge, water resistant
Cermet is an advanced composite composed of ceramic and metallic materials. It is made by combusting a mixture of hard compound particles such as metallic carbides and nitrides with metallic binding materials.
Binderless cemented carbide is a type of cemented carbide mainly made of tungsten carbide powder with no metallic binder such as cobalt and nickel. It has superior hardness, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
Design thickness. The thickness of the actual product might be thicker (maximum 0.22 mm) than the design value due to tolerance.


In addition to exhibiting its products at BASELWORLD, CITIZEN has been presenting installations at the show since 2013. Featuring main plates (the plates on which all the components of the movement are mounted), our installations express concepts of time and light.

We can create these works of art precisely because we carry out the entire watchmaking process, from crafting components to final assembly, in-house. Our installations embody our devotion to manufacturing.

Horizontal Time

This year’s theme is Horizontal Time Gold and silver main plates are used to divide the space into two distinct parts as time and light merge to create a magical horizon. Inspired by Eco-Drive, which runs wherever there is light, Horizontal Time evokes a wondrous future where time and light are in bountiful supply.


DGT is an international partnership founded in 2006 in Paris and practicing Architecture, Urbanism and Space Design. It is led by three architects: Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh and Tsuyoshi Tane.
DGT gained an international reputation through the winner of the international competition to design the Estonian National Museum, (to be completed in September 2016), a shortlisted finalist for the competition to design the New National Stadium of Japan and has numerous ongoing projects, internationally. The major works “A House for Oiso”, “LIGHT is TIME – CITIZEN”, “Re-Alimenter Messena” has been widely published and has ongoing projects in France, Swiss, Lebanon and Japan. DGT. has won several awards among which the French Ministry of Culture (2008), double prized in the Milan Design Awards (2014) and was selected “Visionary Architects for a new decade” by European Architects Review.


Yutaka Endo
Art Director & Producer at LUFTZUG

Born in Niigata in 1977, Endo produces unique creations involving music, video, design and computer technology, with a focus on contemporary dance. Since 2002 he has been involved in various fields of planning, working as an art director, producer and technical coordinator. In 2005 he founded LUFTZUG CO., LTD. out of a desire to engage in creative directing. LUFTZUG began its work with the intent of "establishing a role as a media intermediary." As a bridge between people, technology and ideas, Endo endeavors to bring productions into being that play a social role.
LUFTZUG EUROPE was established in Amsterdam in 2012. Endo aims for heightened sensual exchanges and ubiquity by removing borders around where he works. Endo's work as a technical director has included installation project for MILAN DESIGN WEEK (Canon 2010-2012, Panasonic 2013-2014, CITIZEN 2014), CITIZEN Baselworld (2013-2015), Ginza Sony Building Installation (2011-2013), Akihisa Hirata “Tangling" Exhibition in London (2012) "Room of Objects, Sounds and Video" for the Design Ah! Exhibition(Tokyo 2013), The Hokusai exhibition(Paris 2014) and Exhibition "Architect Frank Gehry 'I Have an Idea'"(Tokyo 2015).