POWERED BY LIGHT Eco-Drive 40 Years

In 1976, 40 years ago this year, CITIZEN created the world’s first analogue light-powered watch.

We called the technology Eco-Drive. With Eco-Drive, our watches generate energy even from dim light and keep running for months even in the dark.

We have created watches with multi-functions; watches that are smaller, thinner, and more beautiful; watches that everyone can relate to, even love.

As a light-power pioneer, we continue to explore new possibilities for the future of the wristwatch and to craft timepieces that inspire people everywhere.

  • 40 Years of Eco-Drive
  • Eco-Drive How It Works

What is Eco-Drive?

Eco-Drive is a core CITIZEN technology that generates power even from dim light, enabling watches to run for over six months* even in the dark.

■No need to replace batteries
Eco-Drive eliminates the trouble and expense of regularly replacing batteries.
■Generates energy even in dim light
Eco-Drive generates energy not just in sunlight but in indoor light too. You don’t need to worry about your watch ever stopping.
■Runs for over six months in the dark
One full charge is enough to keep most Eco-Drive models running for more than six months* in darkness. Some models can run for 10 years.
*Some models run for less than six months.
All you need is light
Eco-Drive will keep running wherever you are, as long as there is light. Inspired by its innovative technology, people all around world give their Eco-Drive watches a special place in their lives. Here are their stories.
  • No battery changing.
  • Powered by any light.
  • Keeps working for six months in the dark.
  • Works ‘worry free’ wherever.

A technology for people all over the world.
Eco-Drive watches currently enjoy great popularity in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Origins of Eco-Drive

Creating a completely new kind of watch

Battery-driven quartz watches became widespread in the 1970s. But their shortcomings included short battery life and a lack of places where you could get replacement batteries put in.

CITIZEN decided to tackle these problems by creating a battery-change-free watch. We pioneered the development of light-powered technology, releasing the world’s first light-powered analogue quartz watch in 1976. That’s where it all began.

We called it … Eco-Drive

We subsequently worked to improve the technology of our light-powered watches, dramatically increasing their running time and enabling them to charge off artificial light as well as sunlight.

We coined the name “Eco-Drive” to communicate the merits of our light-powered technology to a global audience. The name neatly expresses the concept of a watch that is kind to people, to society, and to the environment, and that keeps on running.

CITIZEN Eco-Drive is always at the cutting edge. The challenge to keep pushing the technological envelope goes on.

The Power of ‘ER’

Small-ER, Fast-ER, Thinn-ER… Eco-Drive expresses CITIZEN’s commitment to making better watches. Miniaturisation and ultra-thin profiles enabled us to create innovative designs. Multi-functionality enabled us to make watches for underwater and high-altitude use.

  • Thinn-ER
  • Small-ER
    "xC MINISOL"
  • Deep-ER
    Eco-Drive Aqualand"
  • High-ER
    Eco-Drive Altichron"

NOTE:Includes models which are no longer in production or are unavailable in some markets

That fits with CITIZEN’s brand slogan “Better Starts Now,” the simple belief that it is always possible to make something better, and that now is the time to start doing it.

Going forward, Eco-Drive will add functions and offer more beautiful designs, offering a greater variety of captivating watch types suitable for every scenario.

Eco-Drive One
―The Embodiment of 40 Years―

The newest Eco-Drive Watch, Eco-Drive One, is the world’s thinnest light-powered watch at just 2.98 mm* with a movement just 1.00mm thick. The expression of all CITIZEN’s technological and design know-how, Eco-Drive One encapsulates four decades of progress.

*As of February 2016 for an analogue light-powered watch according to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

Eco-Drive One is just another step along the path of making watches that inspire people everywhere. The challenge to do better never ends.

More than technology. More than a product.

Eco-Drive is more than just a technology. It has become a symbol to power the CITIZEN brand. In Japan, Eco-Drive was awarded an Eco Mark Award for its role in raising consumer awareness of environmental issues, thus helping to reinforce CITIZEN’s image as an environmentally advanced company.

Every year at BASELWORLD—the world’s largest watch and jewellery fair and a global platform for us to communicate our brand—we create installations around Eco-Drive’s themes of time and light, built from components that express our manufacturing passion.

Eco-Drive is more than a technology and a product: it is powerful driver for the whole CITIZEN brand.