“New TiMe, New Me” Special Collaboration Model “CITIZEN L × CHAN LUU by Ai Tominaga”

A triple-collaboration special edition model by CHAN LUU and Ai Tominaga
inspired by CITIZEN’s “New TiMe, New Me” campaign.



The theme is the universe.The mystery of female beauty inside the mysteries of the cosmos.

Ai Tominaga is a Japanese supermodel with an unparalleled career who is now branching into new activities that include charity, philanthropy, and working to raise awareness of Japan’s traditional culture at home and abroad. Accessory brand CHAN LUU is committed to making the world a better place and runs a range of programmes to make that happen. CITIZEN L, meanwhile, takes social issues seriously and does all its manufacturing with proper respect for human rights and the environment. Based on these shared values, the three have come together to create an ethical watch that will give inspiration and courage to women all around the world.


A watch that’s as beautiful as jewellery. An original CHAN LUU-designed bracelet. A limited edition box which contains its own surprise. This really is something special.


The theme is the universe.The mystery of female beauty inside the mysteries of the cosmos.


“This glittering microcosm on my wrist.
A symbol of the mystery
of female beauty.
A mystery as deep as the universe itself.”

Ai Tominaga

A mysterious beauty that changes with the light.

In a first for CITIZEN L, this watch uses blue-gradation frosted glass. The design creates a sense of real depth. The one diamond on the case and the two on the dial evoke glittering stars, placing a little galaxy on your wrist.


Interwoven in multiple layers,rich nuances of light.

The frosted convex sapphire glass balanced like a dewdrop above the straight sides of the highly polished case creates a thrilling contrast. The fine pattern on the embossed stainless-steel mesh band (a CITIZEN original) is inspired by sand ripples and glimmers when it catches the light. The diamond at the bottom right adds a further note of elegance.

Luxurious and mysterious,the watch face is a galaxy in microcosm.

The mesh band looks different as the light changes.

Technology to turn light into energy.

Technology to turn light into energy Eco-Drive is a CITIZEN core technology that generates energy even from dim light and stores the surplus on a power cell. It is environment friendly and keeps running for over six months on a single full charge even in the dark, eliminating the need to replace batteries. Just as plants convert light into energy through the process of photosynthesis, so Eco-Drive drives the hands of our watches. That is one of the key concepts behind the Ambiluna collection.


new!Limited Edition

 limited edition box with a message from Ai Tominaga.A CHAN LUU-designed bracelet. Feel your universe expanding.

  • EM0648-81N



    World Limited Edition
    1,500 pieces

  • limited edition box with a message from Ai Tominaga.

The CHAN LUU bracelet with its two-way design turns into a necklace.

  • The CHAN LUU bracelet image-cut01
  • The CHAN LUU bracelet image-cut02
  • The CHAN LUU bracelet image-cut03
  • The CHAN LUU bracelet image-cut04
Movement E031-00M
Case Material Stainless Steel
Eco-Drive Runs 6 months on full charge
Accuracy ±15 seconds per month
Water Resistant WR50
Glass Sapphire glass (Sphere)
Others Mother of pearl dial
Original bracelet, limited edition box included
Diamond 8 pieces


Ai Tominaga

Ai Tominaga

“After deciding to create this universe-themed watch, I put together a design team. I’m so happy I got to work with such

A Japanese supermodel with a career unmatched by any of her compatriots, Ai Tominaga made a big splash when she debuted at the New York collection at the age of seventeen. After working at the highest levels of the profession for around ten years, she returned to Tokyo where, alongside her modelling, she sought out new challenges as a personality on TV, radio and at various events. She is now broadening her scope to include charity, philanthropy, and working to raise awareness of Japan’s traditional culture at home and abroad.


Chan Luu

Chan Luu

““Is it ethical?” “Is it sustainable?” These are the questions I ask myself when I’m designing any piece of jewellery. I hope that wearing my bracelet with your watch will make you feel part of the global community with the responsibilities that go

Born in Vietnam of mixed Vietnamese and Chinese parentage, she moved to the United States in 1972 during the Vietnam War. After earning a B.A. in Business Administration from Boston University, she moved to Los Angeles in 1975 to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and got a degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After graduating, she bought clothing and accessories from Europe and opened her own boutique in Rolling Hills Estates. She launched CHAN LUU, Inc. in 1996 with wrap bracelets as the brand’s signature design.