Ambuluna Collection “Wearable light”

The contrast between the glittering bracelet and
the soft translucence of the moonlight sapphire glass makes this watch
perfect for the sophisticated woman.



Light that changes,every move you make

The contrast between the subdued glow of the case and the brilliant gleam of the bracelet with its reflective mirror and hairline finishes creates a uniquely glamorous effect. The watch glints differently every time you move your arm, making this a wonderfully expressive timepiece.

Light that changes,every move you make

Moon-glazed Sapphire Crystal

The purest beauty?Light and nothing else..

How to give full expression to the brilliance of light? Not by adding things, but by taking away as much as you can. It is only when something has been stripped down and simplified that its essence can emerge, be polished to a lustrous sheen and transform into light itself.

The watch’s minimalist design makes it suitable for any occasion. The beautiful, highly polished sheen—extending to every part of the watch—imparts confidence and peace of mind to the wearer.

The purest beauty?Light and nothing else..

Technology to turn light into energy

Technology to turn light into energy Eco-Drive is a CITIZEN core technology that generates energy even from dim light and stores the surplus on a power cell. It is environment friendly and keeps running for over six months on a single full charge even in the dark, eliminating the need to replace batteries.
Just as plants convert light into energy through the process of photosynthesis, so Eco-Drive drives the hands of our watches. That is one of the key concepts behind CITIZEN L.

Eco-Drive: How It Works


The medium-sized face gives off an elegant glow