Sou Fujimoto

DESIGN ADVISER Sou Fujimoto Architect


Time is invisible to the human eye. That very invisibility gives Time its infinite richness. Light, too, has neither shape nor form, But in its flickering transience we feel Time pass.

Can we mechanise Time and make it visible, while still retaining its essential invisibility? Can a watch give form to Light and make us “feel” Time through its shimmering glow?

In seeking to create a new way of “feeling” Time, somewhere between the visible and the invisible, I delved deep into the nature of Time and Light, creating this watch, with its hands that move amid half-transparent Light like subtle premonitions.

Sou FujimotoSousuke Fujimoto


As beautiful as jewellery. True to the wearer’s heart.

Through honestly facing up to your own strengths and weaknesses you acquire something precious—the ability to care about other people. Elegance, likewise, is found in beauty that is honest and unpretentious. Born from an ethical approach, CITIZEN L is a new style of luxury watch that reflects the true values of your heart.