CITIZEN (1924)

The Origins of CITIZEN

16-inch size pocket watch, the first model of CITIZEN.
The management of Shokosha (CITIZEN's forerunner) challenged to have this model especially made in Japan, while imported pocket watches were popular at that time. Within five years of Company’s foundation, Shokosha purchased machine tools and technical instructions; Shokosha completed this pocket watch with a unique design that kept time as accurately as any other countrys’ watches,
The then Mayor of Tokyo, Mr Shimpei Goto, named the watch "CITIZEN" with the hope the products were loved by the public, “citizens”, for long term. This model was also known as Emperor Hirohito’s favorite watch.
In 1930, Shokosha took the name of the watch, CITIZEN, into its company’s; Citizen Watch Company, Ltd founded.
Now, this watch represents the origins of CITIZEN, imbued with the strong passion to produce an excellent watch with its original technology and with the hope that the products were loved by the public, “citizens”.

*This model is discontinued product.