Mechanical Diver

Enhanced magnetic resistance and a Super Titanium™ exterior.
Practical mechanical diver’s watch with a uniquely rugged design.


Anti-magnetic. Water resistant. Highly visible.
Robust functionality in a tough and rugged case.
Awaken your spirit of adventure.

Mechanical Diver 200m
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Mechanical diver’s watch with enhanced magnetic resistance

Features the Cal.9501, a magnetic-resistant movement designed to guard against the timekeeping deviation caused by the magnetic fields of smartphones and other electronic devices.

An intensely practical watch that’s durable, water resistant up to 200m has a running time of 42 hours when fully wound and daily accuracy of -10 to +20 seconds.


Design in which form and function unite

An intricate trapezoid pattern creates an interplay of shadows on the dial and bezel that changes with the viewing angle. The extension of this pattern to the case rim in the form of bold indentations makes for a sturdy, rugged look. The design has practical benefits too, making the bezel easier to grip and manipulate.


Tough and beautiful: CITIZEN Super Titanium™

Lightweight, gentle on the skin and corrosion resistant, titanium is the perfect material for making watches. At CITIZEN, we took titanium to the next level when we treated it with our proprietary surface-hardening technology. The result is Super Titanium™, a material as tough as it is beautiful. With a Super Titanium™ case and separate bezel, this watch is incredibly light for its size.