DIVER 200m

World’s first1 light-powered GPS
satellite-synchronised diver’s watch with dial trim ring
featuring world’s popular dive sites2

1. For an analogue light-powered GPS satellite-synchronised watch. According to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
2. We selected eight dive sites from Trip Advisor Japan’s ‘100 Destinations for Diving and Snorkelling.


The world’s first light-powered GPS satellite-synchronised diver’s watch*

This is the world’s first diver’s watch to be equipped with Satellite Wave GPS technology.
It receives a time signal and position information from GPS satellites to provide the precise time not just at the world’s top dive sites,
but anywhere else on earth. Lightweight, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant Super Titanium™ is used for the case.
This is a genuine diver’s watch that brings together high-level functionality and design for serious divers worldwide.
* For an analogue light-powered GPS watch. According to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

Dial trim ring featuring the world’s popular dive sites*

We selected eight of popular dive spots from the ‘100 Destinations for Diving and Snorkelling’ on Trip Advisor Japan, the world’s largest user-generated travel platform, and put them on the dial trim ring.
* Sharm El Sheikh, Maldives, Phuket, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Hawaii, Galapagos Islands, Fernando de Noronha.

The ‘Save the BEYOND’ Campaign

Since its 1989 debut, PROMASTER has been a firm favourite with professional adventurers and explorers who challenge their limits. The ‘Save the BEYOND’ campaign aims to raise awareness about the ongoing degradation of the world’s remotest places—coral reefs, jungles and icebergs—and to tell the stories of the professionals who battle every day to save them. Sharing their experience will be a small step forwards for humankind, we believe.


Get a time signal in as little as 3 seconds1Satellite Wave GPS

The watch receives position information and a time signal from GPS satellites and automatically adjusts the time and date. Satellite Wave can receive a time signal in as little as three seconds, the fastest level in the world.2 The watch will display the precise time wherever you are on earth, as long as there is open sky above your head.
1. GPS is the acronym of Global Positioning System
2. For an analogue light-powered GPS watch, as of April 2019. According to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.


A proprietary material that’s tough and elegantCITIZEN Super Titanium™

A proprietary material that’s tough and elegant

Titanium is light, gentle on the skin and corrosion resistant. Through applying CITIZEN’s proprietary surface-hardening technology Duratect to titanium’s natural properties, we evolved Super Titanium™, a material that combines strength and beauty. For this model, we used Duratect MRK, which hardens the surface layer of titanium by saturating it with gas. Duratect MRK is highly resistant to knocks.

For the CC5006-06L case (see picture), we augmented Duratect MRK with Duratect DLC, which is smooth to the touch and highly resistant to scratches. Duratect MRK + DLC creates a lustrous black finish.


Diver safety is our top priorityDive mode function

To avoid any ambiguity about the time from erroneous operation during a dive, adjustment of the time based on satellite-signal reception can be suspended during dives. Because diver safety is our priority, diver mode shows only the time, while actively preventing any other operations.


High visibility in total darknessLuminous hands and dial

PROMASTER’s photo-luminescent markings absorb light fast, stay bright for a long time and cover a generous proportion of the hands. Furthermore, we deep-sea tested different colours for the dial and hands to find the colour combination that offers the best possible underwater visibility. With this design, you can be confident that your watch is fully readable even in the ocean’s darkest depths.


Avoid accidental rotation while divingUnidirectional bezel with lock

The bezel uses a unidirectional structure. This structure increases diver safety by eliminating the risk of accidentally knocking the bezel the wrong way during a dive.


Excellent water resistance and easy operationScrew down crown

The crown uses a screw down system. This means you can lock them in place when not actually adjusting the watch. This prevents accidental operation and guarantees a high level of water resistance.