Save the BEYOND



Sixteen million hectares of natural forest
destroyed every year.
One-third of all coral threatened with extinction.
Glaciers melting, sea levels rising….

The natural world was formed over billions of years.
Now, with every passing moment,
that beauty is being lost.

This isn’t a movie. This is real.

It’s time to step forward and find out what’s happening.
It’s time to listen to the adventurers on the front lines.

Knowledge is the first step to a better future.



Breathtaking landscapes. Unfathomable mysteries. Nature thrills our hearts and calls us to adventure. Earth is a precious miracle, billions of years in the making. Now the natural world is under threat. Wild and beautiful places are disappearing fast.

Here meet the behind-the-scenes heroes passionate about protecting the planet and securing a sustainable future.

What drives them to “save the beyond”?

PROMASTER has been the professional sports watch for adventurers and explorers around the world since 1989. We are using 2019, our 30th-anniversary year, as an opportunity to reflect on how we can support this community in the years ahead.

“Save the BEYOND” is our answer. A worldwide campaign co-organised by PROMASTER and HISTORY®, “Save the BEYOND” profiles adventurers, explorers and eco-heroes with front-line experience of the impacts of climate change.

We want their courageous example to be a catalyst for wider action. With the world’s wildest and remotest places under pressure, learning about and sharing the stories of the professionals who are fighting to protect nature is one small step towards a better future.

Save the BEYOND