Ultraprecise Eco-Drive movement Calibre 0100

Ultraprecise Eco-Drive movement Calibre 0100


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The challenge: Accurate to ± 1 second

CITIZEN has pursued the essence and further possibilities of the watch ever since the company’s founding. There is one challenge that we have actively confronted throughout that entire time: superior precision.
In 1924, we developed our first pocket watch, the “CITIZEN.”
We debuted our first quartz watch accurate to ± 10 seconds per month in 1973, and in 1975, we debuted Crystron Mega, the world’s first quartz watch accurate to ± 3 seconds per year.
We continued to produce even more accurate watches with longer running times incorporating our proprietary light-powered technology Eco-Drive.
This year, as we mark our 100th anniversary, we have achieved yet another milestone: Calibre 0100, an Eco-Drive movement with annual accuracy ± 1 second, which tells the world’s most precise time.*
Calibre 0100 tells the precise time autonomously based on an internal mechanism with no reliance on time signals from radio towers or GPS satellites.
It marks the individual seconds in their purest and most refined form.
Like a strong person who achieves his goals through sheer force of will, it uses its own rhythm to tell the precise time for everyone, wherever they are, without depending on anything outside itself.
The Calibre 0100 marks the start of the next one hundred years of watchmaking for CITIZEN.

*As of February 2018, for an analogue light-powered watch, according to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
This is a concept model and will not be released for sale.


FEATURES Technology for ultraprecision

Small deviations can become big deviations

Quartz watches tell the time, second by individual second, by taking advantage of the characteristic way that crystals oscillate at a fixed cycle when voltage is applied to them. The crystal oscillator is really at the heart of quartz watches. It is what governs their precision.
Although quartz watches are very precise compared to mechanical watches, small errors can creep in when external factors such as temperature and gravity start to influence the crystal oscillator and produce changes in frequency. For the standard quartz watch, this represents only the tiniest of deviations. When, however, you are dealing with an ultraprecise watch accurate to ± 1 second per year, that is actually a major deviation. Calling on the technological know-how and experience built up over the past 100 years, CITIZEN came up with a solution to every single deviation-causing issue.

  • Reinvention, starting with the oscillator

  • Evolving systems for greater precision

  • To keep running with precision

A future where a purer form of time is shared by all

By optimising every possible element, we develop watches that mark the individual seconds in their purest form. That is what pursuing the essence of the watch means to us. And that is our mission as a watch company. The ultraprecise Eco-Drive movement Calibre 0100 is a self-reliant timepiece. From the moment it leaves our factory, it continues to tell the precise time with no dependence on any outside sources. As each ultraprecision CITIZEN watch with Calibre 0100 goes forth into the world, a new future begins—a future where everyone, everywhere gets to share in time in its purest and most refined form.