How to use


Using the app

Setting alarm

  1. Start the dedicated app.
  2. The watch and the smartphone are connected.


    If you have not signed up, sign up.


    If synchronization of the watch and the smartphone starts, wait until it is finished.

  3. Tap [Alerts] on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the [+ADD] button of [ALARMS] on the [Alarts] screen.
  5. !

    Days of week appear when you tap the [REPEAT] switch.
    Tap days of week on which you want to use alarm repeatedly.
    On the example below, days from Monday to Friday are selected.


    Tap [ALARM TITLE] to give a title to an alarm setting.

  6. Set the alarm time and tap the [SAVE] on the bottom of the screen to finish the procedure.
  7. The alarm time newly set is indicated in the activated status.

When alarm time comes

The watch vibrates.


Press any button to stop vibration.

Turning on/off the alarm

Turn on/off the switch of the alarm time on [ALARMS] on the [Alerts] screen.

Changing alarm setting

Tap the alarm time on [ALARMS] on the [Alerts] screen to change the time setting.


Tap the trash icon () on the upper right of the screen to remove setting.

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