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This watch has three types of notification: notification of incoming calls ([Call & Messages]), that from app ([Apps]) and that not to keep sitting for a long time ([Move Alerts]).
Here we introduce [Call & Messages] and [Apps].


Notifications may be missed when distance between the smartphone and the watch is 10 m (33 feet) or more or there is any obstacle between them.

  1. Start the dedicated app.
  2. The watch and the smartphone are connected.


    If you have not signed up, sign up.


    If synchronization of the watch and the smartphone starts, wait until it is finished.

  3. Tap [Alerts] on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap [Call & Messages] (or [Apps]) of [NOTIFICATIONS] on the [Alerts] screen.
  5. [Call & Messages][Apps]
    You can choose one of three following notification targets for phone and each message services: [EVERYONE], [FAVORITE CONTACTS] and [NO ONE].
    When you choose [FAVORITE CONTACTS], make a target list based on the [Contacts] app of your smartphone using [+ADD] after choosing.
    For [QUICK RESPONSE] (on the dedicated app for Android only), see below.
    Choose apps for receiving notifications.
    You can activate/deactivate notifications based on categories of apps.
    You need to enable notification reception also on the settings of your smartphone.
    Apps shown may differ depending the OS of your smartphone.


    You need to control access right on your smartphone to access its address management app.
    On Android OS, you can tap items with "!" and control their access right.

  6. When you execute settings for [Call & Messages], tap the check box on the upper right of the screen to finish the procedure.


When a call comes in from one of notification targets, you can answer it with a message using [QUICK RESPONSE] (the dedicated app for Android only).

You can make and stock up to three messages beforehand.

When you use [QUICK RESPONSE], as a call comes in, choose a message from the stocked ones by using the lower right button A or the upper right button C on the watch and send it by using the middle right button B.

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