How to use


Using the app

Changing settings of the dedicated app

  1. Start the dedicated app.
  2. The watch and the smartphone are connected.


    If you have not signed up, sign up.


    If synchronization of the watch and the smartphone starts, wait until it is finished.

  3. Tap [Profile] on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Swipe the [Profile] screen upward to access [SETTINGS] at the bottom of the screen.
  5. [Set Goals]Use this to change goal value settings of [STEPS], [ACTIVE MINUTES], [ACTIVE CALORIES] and [SLEEP].
    [Auto Workout Detection]Use this to activate/deactivate automatic detecting and measurement starting of [Run], [Cycle], [Walk] and [Row Machine] during exercise.
    [Change Password]Use this to change the password of the account your made for this watch.
    [Preferred Units]Use this to change units of indication such as weight, height, distance and temperature.
    [Connected Apps]Use this to set smartphone’s apps which data of the watch is linked with.
    [Opt In]Use this to change setting whether you receive mails for update announcement of the dedicated app, hints of usage of this watch, and so on.
    [Help]Use this to see FAQs and information of repair.
    [About]Use this to see terms of use and privacy policy.
    [LOGOUT]Use this to log out of the account you currently use.
    Profile informationTap the icon () on the top right of the screen to see profile.

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