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Using the app

Correcting the reference position

If the time is not shown correctly even after connecting with the smartphone, check whether the reference position is correct.


If the hands do not reflect the correct reference position, the time will not be indicated accurately.

  1. Start the dedicated app.
  2. The watch and the smartphone are connected.


    If you have not signed up, sign up.


    If synchronization of the watch and the smartphone starts, wait until it is finished.

  3. Tap [Profile] on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the icon () on the right of the image of the watch at [ACTIVE WATCH] on the [Profile] screen.
  5. The [WATCH SETTINGS] screen is opened.

  6. Tap [Calibration].
  7. The reference position of the hour hand becomes adjustable.

  8. Correcting the reference position following instructions on the screen.
  9. !

    Use the buttons below the figure of the watch on the screen to move the hand of the watch.
    Tap [NEXT] after finishing the adjustment.

  10. Adjust the reference position of the minute hand through the same steps.
  11. !

    Tap the [DONE] button after adjusting the minute hand to finish the procedure.

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