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Using the app

The screen of the dedicated app

The dedicated app has the following five different screens.
Tap the five icons at the bottom of the display to switch the screens.

[Home] screen

It is the screen for indicating the data of the activity monitor on the watch.
The screen has the five following sub menus: [STEPS], [ACTIVE MINUTES (MINS)], [ACTIVE CALORIES (CALS)], [HEART RATE (RESTING)] and [SLEEP (HRS MINS)].


Activity amount is indicated by percentage where the target value set is supposed 100 %.
One whole circle means 100 % on a circle graph.
For bar graphs, the 100 % line is indicated in the graph field.


The target value can be changed at [Set Goals] on the [Profile] screen.

[Challenge] screen

You can set goals for your exercise such as time trial on this screen as a challenge.
You can share progress of the challenge with your friends in real time as well as try it only by yourself.
You can compete with your friends in “Who takes most steps within an assigned period of time?” or “Who reaches the goal within 72 hours?”

[Customization] screen

You can assign various functions to the buttons of the watch and change indication of the display (watch face) on this screen.


When you choose [LEFTIE] at [Watch Mode] on the settings of the watch itself, consider the buttons of the watch figure are to be on the left side keeping their from-top-to-bottom order.

[Alerts] screen

It is the screen for setting the alarm time and notifications.
This watch has three types of notification: notification of incoming calls ([Call & Messages]), that from app ([Apps]) and that not to keep sitting for a long time ([Move Alerts]).

[Profile] screen

It is the screen for setting the account, adding watches, referring to the help and changing other settings.


You can check battery remaining of the watch.


Canceling pairing and logging out are also executed on the screen.

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