How to use


Using the app

Checking the status of the connected watch

  1. Start the dedicated app.
  2. The watch and the smartphone are connected.


    If you have not signed up, sign up.


    If synchronization of the watch and the smartphone starts, wait until it is finished.

  3. Tap [Profile] on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap the icon () on the right of the image of the watch at [ACTIVE WATCH] on the [Profile] screen.
  5. The [WATCH SETTINGS] screen is opened.

    [Last Sync]The time when the watch and the smartphone were previously synchronized is indicated.
    [Firmware Version]The current firmware version of the watch is indicated.
    [Serial Number]The serial number of the watch is indicated.
    [Find Device]Use this to search the watch. A rough-estimated position where lastly synchronized with the watch can be indicated on the map.
    [Calibration]Check and correct the reference position of the hour and minute hands.
    [Remove Watch]Use this to cancel pairing between the watch and the smartphone.
    The watch and the smartphone must be in their connectible range.


    Permission for access to the positional information of your smartphone is needed to indicate the position of the watch on the map of smartphone using [Find Device].

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