A better world.
For all. Always.

It’s a goal we’ve been pursuing throughout
our more than 100 year history.

Discover the CITIZEN approach to sustainability.
Explore our practical initiatives to make the world a better place.

We’re thinking about our shared future, about people and the planet.

We want to reduce the demands we make on the planet so that our natural resources will last longer. And as we enjoy life in all its richness, we also want to make sure that no one is left behind.

How can we achieve these goals? We can manufacture watches for the largest possible number of people to use for the longest possible time. That has always been, and will always be, our mission.

When customers look at the CITIZEN watch on their wrist, we want them to see each second that ticks by as a small step towards a better world.

Inspired by our belief in doing things that benefit as many people as possible for as long as possible, we are crafting the watches of tomorrow.

Sustainable Stories

All our stories start with a simple question.
How can we make something better?


Sustainability Initiatives

Reaching around the globe.
Reaching into the future.