How to install AQUALAND GRAPH Nx and CAPgm

Operating Environment

The following personal computer operating environment is required for using this software.


Operating System (Compatible OS)

Windows Vista UltimateABusinessAHome PremiumAHome Basic
(Service Pack 1 or later)
Windows 7 EnterpriseAUltimateAProfessionalAHome PremiumAHome BasicAStarter

* Compatible for 32bit and 64bit version.
* The other versions of Windows are not supported.
* Any systems that Windows is operated on a virtual machine such as Boot Camp are not supported.



Conform to the recommendation of each OS.


Minimum Operating Memory

Conform to the recommendation of each OS.


Hard Disc

100 MB available hard disk space is needed.

Installing software

Follow the instructions below to install the AQUALAND GRAPH Nx and CAPgm.

Download the driver file to a folder (Ex. C:\temp) on your hard drive from the following Web site.
* Choose 32bit version or 64bit version according to Windows that you are using.

EAqualand Graph Nx 32bit version Click here (AGNx_installer.exe)
EAqualand Graph Nx 64bit version Click here (AGNx_installer64.exe)
ECAPgm 32bit version Click here (CAPgm_installer.exe)
ECAPgm 64bit version Click here (CAPgm_installer64.exe)

Installing Aqualand Graph Nx

* All the images below are for Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) version.


Confirm that your personal computer has properly started up.
* Be sure you are logged into Windows with Administrator authority before continuing.


Double click the install file.
* When the User Account Control of your personal computer is active, Windows will display the dialog message as shown below.


When the dialog box below is displayed, confirm the contents and click "Next" button.
Install it according to the message of the screen at the following.


When the dialog box like shown below appears, click gOKh button.
* You can install the driver file without plug in the communication unit.

* It might be happened that the message is displayed, but that is no problem.


When the dialog box appears, click gInstallh button.


When the dialog box appears, click gInstall this driver software anywayh button.


When the installation is completed, the dialog box appears. Then, click gOKh.

* When the dialog box like shown below appears, click gFinishh button.

AQUALAND GRAPH Nx have been installed successfully.


Installing CAPgm

Double click the install file, and follow the instruction in the same manner with Aqualand Graph Nx instralling.

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