The following parts will be revised in the update:

Revision by V2.04(22-Mar-2001)

1) A cursor doesn't come out with Aqaland graph 2 in the specific data.

Revision by V2.03(8-June-2000)

1) It is impossible to receive invalid diving data (temperature data: 0)
   or valid diving data if the time value is evenly divisible by 60 minutes
    (60 minutes, 120 minutes, etc.).

2) When DOS-version data that contain units of feet are imported,
   feet are converted to meters.

3) When using the HTML output and Print functions, graphs with data expressed
   in Fahrenheit are not displayed correctly.

4) Initiating a Graph display operation during an HTML output or Print operation
   adversely affects subsequent operations.
    --> The HTML output and Print functions are now disabled while the Graph display
        function is active.

5) An undecipherable error message appears if a ten thousandth log registration is
    --> Display of this error message and the ten thousandth log registration are
        now both disabled.
        Specifically, the New (registration), Data receive, and Import functions
        have been disabled.

Revision by V2.02(4-Apr-2000)

1) When 200 characters are entered without a line break in the memo field,
   the display on the screen is not shown correctly, although the data is registered.

2) Export to the route directory cannot be executed.

3) Export to a directory with single-character name cannot be executed.

4) A graph cannot be displayed if the decimal point is other than a period in locale.
   --> The decimal point must be a period, regardless of locale.

5) With retail version of Windows 95, data cannot be edited
   if the date delimiter is other than a slash in locale.
   --> The date delimiter must be a slash, regardless of locale.

Revision by V2.01(21-Mar-2000)

1) The thermometer gradations in the graph are too big and
    cannot be scaled properly.

2)j Some notebook PCs may display the following error:
    "1.0' is not a valid floating-point value."
    "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window"

3)j When translating data from DOS/Ver. 1, if the origin data are stored on a medium,
    such as a floppy disk, of less than 5MB, the end of the data may be translated  

4)j If the value for water temperature is not available in the information received
    from the watch, the graph displays the message "Maximum/minimum value error."

5) If another thumbnail is placed on the "?" mark of a previously registered
    but erased album thumbnail, the image will not appear elongated.

6) If you perform individual graph display, after displaying the Print or the HTML
    Output dialog box, two explanations of the graph will be displayed.

7) If you select multiple movies during album registration, an error message will be

8) If you try to register a quantity of items beyond the amount permitted during
    album registration, the first item may be erased.

9) When switching to thumbnail display in the main window, the display starting
    position may be slightly out of position.


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