Release Note

The following parts will be revised in the update:
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. Some modifications.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. When printing the log and the create an HTML Document, it can not display if water temparature 15 or less.
---> Modified.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. When setting the panel and the line type of graph, the buttom of color modification does not work.
---> Modified.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. When using Hyper Aqualand USB Cable, data transfer fails if the COM assignment number is more than COM10 (occurs with Windows 2000 and XP). Modified it may not fail.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. Album data may be misaligned when [Print Preview] is selected in [Print].
 ---> Modified not to be misaligned.
2. An error message, "Invalid variant type conversion." is displayed when "OK" button is pressed in [Create new log] window when "0" is entered in both hour and minute field and the second field is left blank in Dive Time. ---> Modified not to display the error message.
3. "Location" is printed as "Loc/Site" in the header of printed Log List. ---> Modified.
4. The contents can be moved to another item even though the contents are fully registered to the maximum limit number in the destination item. (In Customized items, Dive locations, and Customized items for Trip Summary.) ---> Modified not to be able to be moved.
5. The "Movie Thumbnail" is misspelled in edit [Album] window. ---> Modified.
6. An Air Consumption unit is always output as "kg/cm2" in [HTML] document even though it is changed in [General] setting of [Preferences]. ---> Modified to be output as changed.
7. Some of the items in [Print] such as "Diving suit", "Visibility H." and "Visibility V." may be lapped over when the computer OS is Windows Me. ---> Modified not to be lapped over.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. An error message, " '00:00:00' is not a valid time." is displayed and Aqualand Graph 2V2.1 does not start up normally when the separator between hour, minute, and second is set to dot.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver.
1. Revised to be installed without Aqualand Graph 2.0 platform.
Revision by AG2V2.1 ver. 
AQUALAND GRAPH 2 V2.1 will be installed as a different software from AQUALAND GRAPH 2(Ver.2.00 - 2.05).
 The following contents will be upgraded by updating AQUALAND GRAPH 2 to AQUALAND GRAPH 2V2.1.
[Supporting OS] : Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
[additional functions]
1. Trip Summary
Multiple sets of log data can be managed collectively in the form of trip summaries.

2. Items that can be edited from the Main Window are added.

3. Selectable Serial Ports are added up to.

[To import Log data from AQUALAND GRAPH 2(Ver.2.0.0 - 2.0.5)]
The Log data of AQUALAND GRAPH 2(Ver.2.0.0 - 2.0.5) will not be shown in AQAUALAND GRAPH 2V2.1 unless you import them. Please read the instructions here for more detailed information.

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