How to update the driver for Communication Unit

Release Note
Ver. --> Ver.
. Corrects the problem that blue screen is displayed when disconnecting the USB communication unit.
This problem is identified by the following PC.
- DELL or TOSHIBA notebook PC with Intel 855PM chipset .

Downloading the driver file and updating the driver
. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you must login to Windows as an Administrator authority.
. This driver corrects the problem, that rarely occurs, which the blue screen is displayed when disconnecting the USB communication unit from PC. Do not update your driver if you don't have this problem on your PC.
. Make sure Aqualand Graph is installed in your PC before updating the driver. If it is not installed and you proceed in updating, update may fail.
. Make sure disconnect the communication unit from PC before you start updating the driver.
(1) Download the driver file to a directory on your hard drive. You need 1MB free space to download the driver file and to update the driver.
For Windows Xp,2000(ccusbup_eng.exe 344KB)
(2) Double click the downloaded file (ccusbup_eng.exe) to start extracting the file. Click "Yes" when the dialog box right appears.
(3) Update program runs automatically after extracting the file.
Do not connect the USB communication unit.

Wait for the instruction on the screen.
(4) Now the instruction says to connect the communication unit to PC and wait for a moment.
Connect the communication unit and wait.
(5) Updating is completed when the dialog box right appears. Click OK to complete updating.