Seven of Many Things You Can Do with Smartwatches and Connected Watches (A must-read before you buy!)

Seven of Many Things You Can Do with Smartwatches and Connected Watches (A must-read before you buy!)

What exactly are today's popular smartwatches and connected watches capable of? Are they really convenient? Most people have such questions on their mind when they're considering buying one.
So, we'll introduce seven things that most smartwatches and connected watches can do!

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Seven of Many Things You Can Do with Smartwatches and Connected Watches

Seven of Many Things You Can Do with Smartwatches and Connected Watches
  1. 1Never miss anything urgent with notifications

    Even if you have your smartphone close by while out and about, you probably have been in a situation where you took your eyes off it just for a while, then you find out that you missed a really urgent call or message.

    By connecting a smartwatch or connected watch to your smartphone, you can instantly receive notifications. Even if your smartphone is just nearby, you still need to be aware of it and check it every so often. With these watches, on the other hand, you wouldn't need to worry about missing anything important as you can be alerted to notifications by simply wearing one on your wrist.

  2. 2Enjoy excellent functions for health management

    These watches are equipped with functions that can help people manage their health easily. Typical examples are apps that record the route you take while exercising and those that measure your heart rate. These functions are very popular among health-minded individuals who run or cycle daily.

    Similarly, you can also keep track of your sleep with some apps, which is a delightful function for those who are worried about their biological clock.

  3. 3Check the weather easily

    Since mornings tend to be busy, there probably are times when you don't feel like wasting time on opening your smartphone just to check the weather with an app.

    With smartwatches and connected watches, you can quickly and easily check the weather while doing your morning routine.

  4. 4Use it as a mobile wallet

    More and more people are using wearable payment devices every year. By simply downloading a mobile payment app, you can step out of the house without cash or a credit card and make payments with just your wristwatch. It makes riding public transportation easy and allows you to drop by a store when you're in the middle of running or out for a short walk, even if you don't have your wallet with you.

  5. 5Listen to music

    If you have a smartwatch or connected watch, you can stream and play music. Some models allow you to do it even without your smartphone. They come in handy in situations where you want to listen to music while running but you don't want to carry your smartphone with you.

  6. 6Set your wristwatch alarm from your smartphone easily

    The alarm function is one of the reasons people use these watches. You can easily set an alarm by connecting it to your smartphone. With smartphones, you may not notice the alarm go off when you're concentrating on something. With the vibrating alarm of these watches, however, you wouldn't need to worry about that anymore. This popular function is useful when you're taking a nap or concentrating at work.

  7. 7Enjoy easy adjustment of time when you're abroad

    When staying abroad, it's sometimes a chore to adjust the time if you're using an analog wristwatch. You have to check the local time as soon as you arrive and then adjust the time by hand.

    With smartwatches and connected watches, you have nothing to worry about even if you're overseas; you just need to set the current location and the watch will automatically adjust to local time.

Which type of smartwatch or connected watch do you recommend: touchscreen or analog?

Which type of smartwatch or connected watch do you recommend: touchscreen or analog?

If you're thinking of getting a smartwatch or connected watch, you're also probably wondering about which is better between the touchscreen and analog types.
We'll make a general comparison of the two and outline their various features below.

  1. 1Touchscreen type

    The major appeal of the touchscreen type is that it lets you install the apps you need, allowing you to customize a wristwatch that will be useful in various aspects of your life. This type is recommended for those who want a smartwatch or connected watch that can help them with their activities ranging from health management to daily shopping.

  2. 2Analog type

    If you think of a smartwatch first and foremost as a wristwatch, then you'll want to focus on design in addition to functionality. Many people choose a wristwatch based on a design they want to wear or one that suits their taste, paying little regard to how functional it is.

    The analog type is recommended for such people who value design. The usable content may be less than that of the touchscreen type, and you may not be able to customize it. On the other hand, it features simplified operations with its select, essential functions, allowing you to enjoy both the minimum required functions and a good design.


So, what do you think? We've touched on what smartwatches and connected watches can generally do, but take note that not all models come with all functions. If there is a particular function you're interested in, be sure to check whether the model you want has that function before making your purchase.

Even when choosing between the touchscreen and analog types, think first about the situations you're going to use it in and your points of consideration before deciding.

Other major features of the Eco-Drive Bluetooth series

  • Has an elegant, beautiful design that is characteristic of a traditional watch
  • Comes with select essential functions
    (e-mail/social media notifications, incoming message notifications, smartphone time synchronization, smartphone search, etc.)
  • Comes with the light-powered Eco-Drive technology that makes charging unnecessary
    (no cable charging or battery replacement required; can operate for up to nine months on a single full charge, even when connected daily with your smartphone; can also be powered by artificial light )

The Eco-Drive Bluetooth series comprises authentic analog watches that incorporate the concepts above. This watch series is perfect for those who need a design that's suitable for any business setting and a smartphone connection function for convenience and functionality in everyday life and business.