The CITIZEN Caliber 0200

Through the collaboration
with La Joux-Perret
we created a new mechanical
watch movement:
The Caliber 0200.

The Caliber 0200 was born from our partnership with La Joux-Perret,
a company that joined Citizen Watch Group in 2012.
CITIZEN’s design philosophy as a manufacture and component-processing
technologies come together with
La Joux-Perret’s decorative techniques
in this remarkable movement.

01 ムーブメント More accurate.
More elegant

Accuracy above the chronometer standard
courtesy of excellent design and precision components
Free-sprung balance wheel
The free-sprung balance wheel has no regulator. Resistant to external shocks, it is well-suited to sustained accurate timekeeping. There is no need to interfere with the hairspring because it can be adjusted by loosening or tightening small weights known as masselottes attached to the balance wheel.
Exceptionally high-precision escapement
Located between the balance wheel and the gears, the escapement plays a key role in ensuring the accuracy of the watch. The escapement is made using the LIGA fabrication process.
A movement of refined design
that takes advantage of
the joint know-how of CITIZEN
and La Joux-Perret
Movement layout
The layout we use is designed to display the gear train extending from the barrel to the beautifully finished balance wheel to maximum advantage.
Different finishes for a sense of volume
We apply different finishes to every detail—satinage for the upper surfaces of bridges and diamond-cut for the outer edges—to create contrasts and a sense of volume.

02 デザイン 02 デザイン True joy
of ownership

Distinctive details
A bold case with sharp surfaces and no lugs
The design consists of a series of clean, sharp surfaces that extend from case to bracelet. The application of hairline finishes to the flat surfaces and mirror finishes to the oblique ones creates a rich sense of three-dimensionality.
Deeply expressive dial
The matt black dial with its sand-ripple pattern is created by electroforming.

The CITIZEN Caliber 0200

Launch: Early Autumn 2021

The black dial with its sand-ripple pattern is created by the electroforming process. Its subtly variegated surface generates delicate colour variations against the monotone background.
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