How to use


Before connecting with a smartphone

Connection outline

This watch communicates with smartphones through Bluetooth® Low Energy power-saving communication technology.

The flow of connection is as follows.

  1. Install the dedicated app “CITIZEN CONNECTED” on your smartphone.

  2. !

    Actual screens and/or indication of the dedicated app may differ from those on this manual depending on your usage conditions and/or changes of specifications at update of the app.
    In that case, follow instructions on the actual screen of the app.

  3. Start the dedicated app.
  4. Execute sign up (making an account).
  5. !

    An e-mail account which can be used for e-mail reception is required for making a Riiiver account.


    You do not have to execute sign-up and/or pairing every time you connect the watch and the smartphone.

  6. Execute pairing.
  7. Connecting.
  8. !

    After pairing, the watch and your smartphone are automatically connected as you start up the dedicated app.

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