Here are introduced the main features and specifications of the YF20 movement.
You can go to pages for further explanation of features from here.

Connection with a smartphone through the dedicated app

Indicates notifications such as upcoming calls and mails to the smartphone on the watch.
In addition, the watch has useful functions to prevent leaving the smartphone or search the phone missed.

Activity monitor and heart rate monitor

The built-in acceleration sensor and heart rate sensor of the watch measure and store data of your activity and heart rate automatically.

User-configurable buttons

You can assign three of 10 or more prepared functions to the buttons of the watch as you want by setting on the dedicated app.

Always indicating information on the display

The watch is eqipped with an electronic paper display. It can always indicate up to 4 items you choose from 10 or more information items.

In addition, you can customize display appearance (watch face).

Compatible with Riiiver

You can use iiideas of Riiiver as functions assigned to watch buttons or information items indicated on the display.