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Pairing with a smartphone

Execute pairing with a smartphone

  1. Download the dedicated app “CITIZEN CONNECTED” at an app site and install it.
  2. Start the dedicated app.
  3. !

    Keep the app screen displayed until pairing is finished.

  4. Make an account.
  5. !

    Proceed to authentication after making an account.
    Authentication number is sent to the mail address you entered here.


    Tap [LOG IN] if you had logged out without executing pairing after making an account before.


    Once signed up, the status (login status) is kept regardless whether the app is activated or deactivated.

  6. Press the right middle button B and tap [CONTINUE] on the screen of the app as the [START PAIRING] screen is shown.
  7. Tap [THIS IS MY WATCH].
  8. !

    The watch displayed on the screen may look different from the actual one you use.


    Tap [I DON’T SEE MY WATCH] when not only its color but whole appearance looks different from yours.


    When update of the watch has started, wait until it is finished.

  9. Press and hold the middle right button B of the watch within time limit.
  10. Pairing starts.

When pairing finished successfully

The screen of finish is displayed.

To start pairing on the screen of the app

When you canceled pairing before, tap [PAIR YOUR WATCH] or [+ADD] on the [Profile] screen.

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