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Q. Is Cyber Aqualand Nx a dive computer?
A. Yes, it is. It calculates the non-decompression limit time from the diving depth and time according to the decompression theory of DCIEM.

Q. Is Cyber Aqualand Nx compatible with Nitrox diving?
A. Yes. It can be set to an oxygen concentration (O2) within the range of 22% to 50%.

Q. Is Cyber Aqualand Nx compatible with high-altitude diving?
A. Yes. When the pressure sensor detects air pressure equivalent to 300 m to 3000 m above sea level, the watch automatically determines that diving is taking place at a high altitude. Since the dive computer performs calculations corresponding to the difference in altitude, you do not have to change the settings for high-altitude diving manually.

Q. Is Cyber Aqualand Nx compatible with fresh water diving?
A. Since Cyber Aqualand Nx is designed for use during diving in seawater, it is only able to display depth accurately in seawater. However, considerations are given for errors in depth when calculations are made by the dive computer.
In the case of using your watch for fresh water diving, you should remember that the displayed water depth is different from the actual water depth. In addition, when using during fresh water diving, make sure that you have received the proper training for fresh water diving in advance.

Q. What is the difference between Cyber Aqualand Nx and Hyper Aqualand?
A. * Cyber Aqualand Nx calculates the residual Nitrogen in body from the diving depth, diving time and record of the previous diving, and displays reference information of various types for safe diving (Dive computer function).
* Cyber Aqualand Nx automatically distinguishes the Skin diving and Scuba diving and records them as different logs.
* Cyber Aqualand Nx can transfer the diving log and profile data into a personal computer through the communication unit (USB connection) or through infrared communication function.
* Cyber Aqualand Nx can set various functions of the watch through a personal computer.
/Add and edit Travel Locations
/Setting of Alarm, Destination timer, etc.
/Setting of Dive Alarm and presetting Dive No.
/Setting of Daily graphic and Anniversaries
* Cyber Aqualand Nx can communicate with other Cyber Aqualand Nx using infrared communication function. Current time, Alarm, and Dive Alarm can be transferred between watches.
* Cyber Aqualand Nx contains rechargeable battery so that there is no need to replace the battery.

Q. What is the difference between Cyber Aqualand Nx and Cyber Aqualand?
A. Cyber Aqualand Nx is compatible with Nitrox and Altitude diving.

Q. What are the specifications and features of Cyber Aqualand Nx?
A. <Watch Body>
Movement No. D710(meter unit), D716(feet unit)
Operating temperature
0 degree C to +50 degree C (32 degree F to 122 degree F)
Accuracy +/-20 seconds per month on average (when wearing at a normal temperature of +5 degree C to +35 degree C (41degree F to 95 degree F))
Water depth gauge accuracy Within +/-(3% of displayed value + 0.3 m (1ft)) (when using at a constant temperature) Guaranteed accuracy temperature range: +10 degree C to +40 degree C (50 degree F to 104 degree F) (accuracy of water depth measurement is affected by changes in ambient temerature)
Depth measurement range 1.0m (4ft) to 80.0m (266ft)
Water temperature
measurement accuracy
Displayed value +/-3 degree C (6 degree F)
Modes and Main
>Standard Mode
Time Hours, minutes, seconds, location, DiveCondition, Battery charge indicator, daily graphic (must be set with PC)
Date Month, date, day, year (during correction only)
Travel Time Month, date, hours, minutes, seconds, location, time difference from UTC and time of time mode
Destination Timer Time remaining until arrival at destination, arrival time (location, month, date, day, hours, minutes)
Alarm Alarm time (hours, minutes)
Chronograph Hours, minutes, seconds, 1/100 seconds, split time (time measured for 100 hours)
Timer Minutes, seconds (can be set up to 99 minutes in 1 minute units)
System Monitor Battery charge indicator, flash memory status display
>Dive Plan Mode
Nitrox and Air settings AIR/NITROX setting, oxgen concentration(O2%) setting
Dive Plan Dive number, body nitrogen level graph, no-decompression limit time, depth alarm (setting of depth and number of times alarm sounds), dive time alarm (setting of dive time)
>Scuba Diving Log
Dive Condition, Total number of dives, dive date, dive number, Set O2 %(only with Nitrox diving)S.I. time, time in, time out, dive time, min. water temperature, record of decompression diving, max. depth, average depth, profile log
>Skin Diving Log
Dive date, dive number, max. depth, time in, time out, dive time, deepest depth ever recorded and date recorded
>Dive Mode
Current time, current depth, dive time, max. depth, no-decompression limit time, water temperature, body nitrogen level graph, safety stop graph,safety stop time, decompression stop indicator, decompression stop graph, body partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), set oxygen concentration (O2%)
>Surface mode
Elapsed time after diving (max. 24 hours), no fly time
>Infrared communication mode(Complies with the international standard IrWW(IrDA for Wrist Watches)).
>Low power mode
Time display, date display, no display
Other Additional Functions /Dive computer compatible with Nitrox and Altitude(up to 3,000m or 10,000ft) diving.
/EL light
/Water sensor
/Various warning functions (insufficient charge warning, file error warning, abnormal pressure detection error warning, water sensor check warning, ascent rate warning, abnormal depth warning, decompression diving warning, limit depth warning, permanent error warning)
/Data communication functions: Data communication using infrared and USB interfaces (for data transfer between watch and a personal computer or between two watches)
* Data communication operating temperature range: +10 degree C to +35 degree C (50 degree F to 95 degree F)
Energy storage cell Rechargeable Battery (charged by charger or communication unit)
Continuous Usage Times: /From fully charged to insufficient charge warning: Approx. 1 month
/From insufficient charge warning to low power mode: Approx. 2 days
/From low power mode to watch stopping: Approx. 3 days
* Refer to the section on " Battery charge Indicator and Continuous Usage Time" for information on the operating conditions for continuous usage times.
Model CMUT-04
Application Battery charging
Operating and storage conditions Temperature +10 degree C to +40 degree C (50 degree F to 104 degree F),humidity 20% to 80% (no condensation of moisture)
Power Source 4 pieces of size AA alkaline batteries (LR-6)
Current Consumption Max. 20 mA
Dimensions Dimensions: 8.3(W) x 6.0(D) x 6.3(H) cm (3.3(W) x 2.4(D) x 2.5(H) inch)
Weight 107g (excluding size AA batteries)
<Communication Unit>(Sold Separately)
Model CMUT-02
Applications Charging and data communication using USB cable
Operating and storage conditions Temperature +10 degree C to +40 degree C (50 degree F to 104 degree F),humidity 20% to 80% (no condensation of moisture)
Power Source /During data communication: Uses power supplied by USB cable
/During charging: 4 pieces of size AA alkaline batteries(LR-6)
Current Consumption /During data communication: Max. 30 mA
/During charging: Max. 20 mA
Dimensions Dimensions: 10.2(W) x 9.1(D) x 6.9(H) cm (4.0(W) x 3.6(D) x 2.7(H) inch)
Weight 125 g (excluding size AA batteries)
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
=>Click here to see the features.
=>Click here to see the minimum requirements of PC environment.

Q. What are the size and weight of Cyber Aqualand Nx?
A. The sizes of watch body are the following.

The weight with Stainless Steel body with rubber strap is 130g.

Q. What is the memory capacity of the watch?
A. A maximum of 100 sets of log data can be recorded for both Scuba diving and Skin diving. Anniversaries can be set up to 366 days, however, memory area is not distinguished either one so that if Anniversaries are set fully, the maximum sets of log data may be reduced.

Q. The entire display is all gone. Why ?
A. The possible causes are as follows.
=> Isn't it in No Display mode under the Low power mode?
> Press and hold the D button for at least 2 seconds. No display mode switches to Time Display mode of Low power mode. Then, press and hold the A and D button simultaneously for at least 2 seconds. The mode returns to the standard mode.
=> Isn't the battery charge insufficient?
> Charge the battery sufficiently with the charger (or the communication unit). If the watch does not display anything after several hours of charging, perform the all reset procedure.
To do all reset of the watch, simultaneously press and release all four buttons (A),(B),(C), and (D). The alarm sounds and the display shows "INITIALIZE", then all display elements appear. Press any one of the buttons to bring back standard display mode.

Q. How can I set the daily graphics and anniversaries?
A. Use CAPgm, a software included with Cyber Aqualand Nx. Make setting on the PC then transmit data to the watch through infrared communication system or the USB communication unit. (A communication unit is needed to transfer data with USB.)

Q. The travel locations and daily graphics I set with CAPgm are not erased even after I format the flash memory.
A. They are temporary data stored in the temporary memory area. You can erase them by switching the mode to the Infrared Communication Mode and then return to the standard mode. The default data will be reloaded from the flash memory.

Q. What is the difference between the Travel time and the world time, which has been used in the conventional watches?
A. Travel time mode is used to display the date and time of another location separate from the Main Time of the time mode (Main time). The time in that location is the travel time. You can interchange the locations between Travel time and Time mode (Main time) with one button operation.

Q. How can I use the destination timer?
A. The destination timer measures and displays the amount of time remaining until arriving at a destination.
When you fly from New York to San Francisco, if you set the destination timer to the arrival time at San Francisco in advance, you can see how long it takes to arrive. After you arrive at San Francisco, you can see the elapsed time from the time of arrival.

Q. Can I cancel the settings transferred from the personal computer or another watch?
A. No, you cannot. Set them one by one again.

Q. Can I change the unit from metric to feet (or in reverse) ?
A. No, you cannot change the unit.

Q. What accessories are included with Cyber Aqualand Nx besides the watch?
A. Cyber Aqualand Nx comes with the accessories listed below.
/Dedicated CD-ROM
/4 size AA alkaline batteries
/Instruction manual

Q. What is the communication unit?
A. Communication unit is a USB interface unit which is needed when you transfer data from watch to PC using USB. It is provided with a charging function.
The communication unit is sold separately.

Q. Is the charger (or the communication unit) water-resistant?
A. No, it is not. When you attach the watch onto it, make sure it is dry.

Q. I lost my charger (or CD-ROM) by accident. What should I do?
A. Please consult the nearest CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER.

Maintenance and storage
Q. What maintenance is necessary to the watch after it is used for diving?
A. Wash out the seawater, mud, sand, etc. from the watch with fresh water, then wipe off the water from the watch with a dry cloth.

Q. Can I leave the watch on the charger (or the communication unit) when it is not in use?
A. Since the charger (or the communication unit) has a protection circuit for overcharging, the watch batteries are safe if the watch is left on it. But the batteries in it will be consumed gradually.

Q. How should I clean the sensor?
A. Wash out dirt from the sensor with fresh water. Do not remove the sensor cover, pick it with a pointed thing, or apply high-pressure city water or compressed air to the sensor directly.
If dirt cannot be removed from the sensor, consult CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER.

Q. What is the proper inspection period?
A. Since the water resistance of the watch is an issue of aged deterioration, we strongly recommend you to have your watch inspected every 2 years (charge basis). For the inspection, ask CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER.

Q. The measured depth seems to be inaccurate. Is it adjustable?
A. No, it is not ajustable. Some parts may need to be replaced. Please ask CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER.

After-sales service
Q. Where can I have my watch repaired?
A. Please consult the nearest CITIZEN SERVICE CENTER.

Q. I purchased my CYBER AQUALAND Nx in a foreign country. Is it guaranteed in my country?
A. Your watch is covered internationally under our One Year International warranty. However, warranty terms vary by country and the warranty period in the country the watch was purchased may be different. Please consult your warranty booklet for terms of the warranty for your country.

Q. What is the guarantee period for the charger (or the communication unit)?
A. The guarantee period of the charger (or the communication unit) is one year from the date of purchase.

Q. What is DCIEM?
A. DCIEM is an abbreviation for "Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine" which belongs to the Canadian Government and has been studying diving since 1939. CYBER AQUALAND Nx adapts DCIEM algorithm, which is certified by DCIEM and based on DCIEM decompression theory.
For details of the "DCIEM decompression theory", click here.

Q. What is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
A. The UTC is a time adjusted by a leap second to correct the difference of the atomic clock used as the world standard clock (the international atomic time) from the time based on the earth's rotation (the world time).

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