CITIZEN will exhibit at BASELWORLD2014, the world's largest exhibition of watches and jewelry, to be held in Basel, Switzerland.

Along with announcing our revolutionary flagship model created according to our product policy, "The Fusion of Technology and Beauty," we have also unveiled our new brand statement, "BETTER STARTS NOW." Together with our brand conviction that "the present that each one of us is experiencing now is the time to start making the world a better place," our goal is the distant future of watches.


The world's thinnest light-powered satellite synchronized watch receives satellite signals faster than any other, keeping accurate time anywhere on Earth where there's a sky overhead. CITIZEN's latest model provides the joy of linking up with space and a sense of the unknown future.


BASELWORLD 2014...we'll send you breaking news from the show featuring the exhibition booth expressing the CITIZEN vision, the newest flagship model, the much-anticipated reactions of attendees...and more! Keep an eye out for our reports out of Basel, Switzerland.

[Vol.1] BASELWORLD 2014, the world's biggest watch and jewelry show, finally begins!

BASELWORLD is held every spring in Basel, Switzerland. With over 1,400 exhibitors from more than 40 countries around the globe, it is the world's largest international exposition of watches and jewelry. The first BASELWORLD was held in 1917 and this year's will be the 42nd. CITIZEN will exhibit at BASELWORLD for the 29th time this year. The expo is open to the public, with over 100,000 attendees gathering every year to check out the latest watches. If you are a fan of watches, then this is one event you'll surely want to attend at least once in your life. This report will provide the latest updates on what's happening at the venue, so stay informed right here.

The International City of Basel, Switzerland
As exemplified by the presence of Switzerland's oldest university, Basel has grown as a center of learning and culture since the Middle Ages. It has a large collection of museums, and there is plenty culture and fine arts to see. Situated along the Rhine River, Basel is an international city bordering both Germany and France, and it is host to numerous trade fairs and international conferences.

  • BASELWORLD 2014 venue entrance
  • BASELWORLD 2014 finally begins!
  • BASELWORLD 2014 admission tickets
  • Inside the venue
  • The tranquil Rhine River
[Vol.2] The Farthest and thinnest... A satellite-synchronized watch linked to space
The Allure of CITIZEN's 2014 Flagship Model: Part 1

CITIZEN, the pioneer in satellite-synchronized watches, announced the 2014 flagship model, the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100. The greatest feature of this latest model is speed. It is 1 second faster than the model released last year, receiving time signals sent by satellites in 3 seconds, the fastest in the world.* It is also the world's thinnest* satellite-synchronized watch at 12.4 mm (design value). The speedy hand movements are calibrated with a built-in high-speed motor, the watch is compatible in 40 time zones around the world and will constantly give you the correct time no matter where on Earth you are, so long as there's a sky.

What’s more, the watch features the world’s first* Light-Level Indicator for CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive technology. By showing the amount of electricity generated by light reflecting on the dial in seven levels, the wearer can gauge the charge level in any given situation.

In Part 2 we will present the allure of this flagship model's futuristic design. Don't miss it!
(Price is TBD. Release set for fall 2014.)
*As of March 2014 as a light-powered satellite-synchronized watch (according to the research data by CITIZEN WATCH Co.)

  • The 2014 flagship model: the Eco-Drive SATELLITE Wave F100
  • World's fast signal reception at 3 sec
  • World's thinnest satellite watch at 12.4 mm (design value)
  • Main model
  • Light Level Indicator shows amount of light received
[Vol.3] This year's CITIZEN booth!!!
Light and time like nowhere else
Art installation represents CITIZEN's vision

The CITIZEN booth was one of the highlights of last year’s fair as many visitors came to experience the art installation created from "main plates," the most basic part of a watch. The concept of “Frozen Time” was created by juxtaposing light and time in a floor to ceiling installation. The booth was transformed into a serene space which set it apart from the chaos of the fair. The flow of visitors was constant and it was well reported by the press.

The title of this year’s installation is "Compressed Time." Again using main plates, which represent CITIZEN's origins as a watch manufacturer we see the exhibition spaced transformed into a magical place that represents the beginning of time. The installation expresses light and time like nowhere else, as if time has been compressed by light and sound, and it allows attendees to experience the beginning of light and time. The beauty of the installation creates excitement in front of the CITIZEN booth, where lots of attendees are snapping photos.

  • The CITIZEN booth with a "COMPRESSED TIME" theme
  • The magical installation where "main plates" flicker
  • Ground planes constitute "COMPRESSED TIME."
  • The flagship model put on symbolic display
  • Attendees take in the installation
[Vol.4] Japanese-style hospitality, "omotenashi," a big hit in faraway Switzerland!
Conference and party for the press

At the conference, CITIZEN's president announced the company's new brand statement—"Better starts now"—with a bold message: "CITIZEN continues imagining what the future will bring, as well as improving on today’s breakthroughs. For each of us at CITIZEN, now is the time to start to make the world better. With this belief, CITIZEN continues on our path as a brand to shape the future of watchmaking." The president shared CITIZEN's new conviction with the many members of the press.

Like last year, the sushi made by Japanese master chefs was a big hit at the nighttime party. People from many countries enjoyed Japanese food, culture, and Japanese-style hospitality, or "omotenashi."

  • Presentation by President Aoyagi
  • The press conference
  • Presentation by Brand Manager Takeuchi
  • Sushi makes a splash at the party!
[Vol.5] Speed & Satellites
In pursuit of the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100's futuristic design!
The Allure of CITIZEN's 2014 Flagship Model: Part 2

This year's flagship model draws attention with its slim futuristic profile which is satellite inspired. Speed is the muse behind this technical innovation.

To realize the world’s thinnest* satellite-synchronized watch of 12.4 mm (design value), CITIZEN uses proprietary lightweight titanium, which is crafted into a strikingly streamlined case with aerospace-like metallic luster and mirror-finish texture to complement the speedy hands movements.

The dial design is inspired by the solar panels used to power orbiting satellites. While paying homage to outer space, the hollowed push buttons simulate the fuselage of navigational satellites.

We hope that by wearing this new flagship model you will experience the excitement of connecting to space, the thrill of speed, and appreciation for technology which comes from this new watch.

(Price is TBD. Release set for fall 2014.)
*As of March 2014 as a light-powered satellite-synchronized watch (according to the research data by CITIZEN WATCH Co.)

  • The design concept is speed.
  • The face is made in the image of satellite solar panels.
  • The hollow push button is made in the image of a satellite frame.
  • Global limited-edition model
[Vol.6] And now the finale! CITIZEN continues to pave the way to the future of watches

We got through the final day of BASELWORLD 2014, the eight-day exposition, without a hitch. This year the CITIZEN booth again was busy day after day with many visiting members of the press from Switzerland and abroad.

This year's flagship model, the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100, and the booth installation drew an unexpectedly large response and our staff was happy with the results every day. The new flagship model, the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100, will be released in stages starting in fall 2014. Keep an eye out for CITIZEN's latest model!!!

  • The venue on the final day
  • The busy CITIZEN booth
  • See you again next year!
  • Goodbye, Basel!



The 2014 installation by DGT (DORELL.GHOTMEH.TANE / ARCHITECTS), an international firm based in Paris, represents light and time like nowhere else under the theme of "COMPRESSED TIME." The 33,771 main plates, the foundation that supports all other individual watch components, are suspended by 4,811 wires. In order to effectively express light and time, all the main plates have been carefully counted and arranged. It is a portrayal made possible simply due to CITIZEN's many years of involvement in watchmaking. The combination of wires and main plates will allow you to experience this magnificent, painstaking space.



DGT is an international architecture practice founded in Paris in 2006, and is directed by Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh and Tsuyoshi Tane. The winner of the international competition to design the Estonian National Museum, (to be completed in 2016), DGT has numerous ongoing projects globally, gaining the practice much attention worldwide. In 2008 U.K.-based ICON Magazine selected DGT among the "20 essential young architects." In 2012 DGT was a shortlisted finalist for the competition to design the New National Stadium of Japan. DGT has won numerous other prizes including the young architects prize from the French Ministry of Culture (2008), the Architects Association of Milan (2008), and the Red Dot Award (2013).