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Tell me how to receive satellite signals.


As shown in the picture below, make sure you are in an area with few surrounding trees, buildings, or other objects which may obstruct the satellite signal. Face the dial towards the sky and perform signal reception.
Ideally, the sky directly above you should be as clear as possible, as shown on the illustration when attempting to receive the satellite signal.
<<Cautions regarding satellite signal reception>>
・Affected by the human body, wearing a watch on the wrist makes signal reception difficult.
・Signals are received on the dial side of the watch.
・The best place for signal reception is an area with no objects overhead, such as an open field.
・Places unfit for signal reception are areas with obstruction above such as follows:
Space surrounded by buildings or hills
Near (within tens of meters) the base stations of cell phones
Cloudy or rainy (especially in thundering rain) places
Places with roofs above such as in buildings or vehicles.