Technologies for People

CITIZEN has advanced timekeeping with the idea that watchmaking is still a work in progress,
and always could become better since our foundation in 1918.
From sustained operation and comfort on the wrist, to ensuring the highest possible precision,
there is no limit to innovation and improvement in creating a timepiece for people around the globe.


Powered by Light, Any Light Source, Watches that Keeps Running

Eco-Drive can generate power from any light source ? even dim light ? to keep watches running without ever replacing.

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Super Titanium

Harder Materials and Less Scratches, Bringing Better Wearing Comfort

Super Titanium is our special titanium material, which is resistant to scratches with more than 5 times the hardness of stainless steel, light weight, hypoallergenic and resistant to rusting.

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Satellite Wave GPS

Bringing Precise Time
Anywhere in the World

In 2011, CITIZEN first invented a unique satellite timekeeping technology,“Satellite Wave GPS”, which enables watches to receive time signals from GPS satellites and display precise time and date anywhere in the world.

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Radio-Controlled Technology

Constant and Precise Timekeeping

A radio-controlled watch automatically receives the signals from radio towers that include time, day and date information from an atomic clock with a margin of error of just one second in 100,000.

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