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precise time beamed in from 20,000 kilometres up.

SATELLITE WAVE GPS watches feature Satellite Wave function. Satellite Wave captures position data and a time signal from GPS satellites orbiting in space to automatically adjust time and date. Your GPS watch will display the precise time wherever you are on Earth, as long as there is open sky above you.

Satellite Wave needs as little as 3 seconds to receive a time signal only. In addition, it can work out your current position in a minimum of 30 seconds by linking to at least four satellites to capture both a position data and time signal. Satellite Wave now connects to Japan’s new Michibiki Quasi-Zenith Satellite System.

Easy to operate and offering two different situation-appropriate reception options, the CITIZEN GPS watch experience is seamless and fun. Welcome to the world of the SATELLITE WAVE GPS watch.

World's fastest satellite signal reception.
As little as 3 seconds.

― Get the time at record speed wherever you are.
  That's the high-speed GPS watch experience.

To capture a time signal from a GPS satellite can take as little as 3 seconds. Not only does CITIZEN’s proprietary reception algorithm deliver faster signal reception speed, but our powerful new high-speed twin-coil motor drives the watch hands of our multifunction models smoothly and fast, stopping them at precisely the right time in the blink of an eye.

As of May 2015, for a multifunctional light-powered GPS satellite-synchronised watch, according to research by CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD.

Dual Time Display function.
Exceptionally fast and easy.

― The time in two cities at a glance.

The World Time function has coverage of all 40 of the world’s time zones. With the Dual Time Display function, it’s easy to set up the ‘home time’ and ‘local time’ for two different places, and operation is simple and intuitive. That’s high-speed performance.This is a simplified time zone map.
Actual time zones may differ slightly.

Switch the times, simply and speedily.
~ Reversing main and local times is easy.

Just push the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock buttons together to switch the ‘home time’ and the ‘local time’ around.

Super Titanium™.
As light as it gets.

― Lightweight, comfortable, scratch resistant, lastingly beautiful.

Titanium has excellent natural properties: it is light, gentle on the skin and resistant to rust. A pioneer in titanium processing, CITIZEN made the creation of beautiful mirror finishes and sharp edges possible. We also applied our proprietary surface-hardening technology, Duratect, to solid titanium to achieve over five times the hardness of stainless steel (or over HV1000 on the Vickers scale). In this way, titanium became Super Titanium™. Startlingly light—it is approximately 40% lighter than stainless steel—and strong enough to resist everyday scratches and scrapes, Super Titanium™ retains its beautiful original sheen forever. 


Telling You the Precise Time, Everywhere

CITIZEN's goal of providing people with the correct time, regardless of where in the world they live and work, led to the development of Satellite Wave GPS technology. When we started, there were no GPS chips designed specifically for watches to display the correct time. Undaunted, we set about establishing our own technologies to successfully open the door to the future of watches.

The World's First Watch Powered by Light and Capable of Setting the Time by GPS Satellites

The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE, the world's first light-powered satellite-synchronised watch released in 2011, was the culmination of arduous efforts by CITIZEN's engineers. It's stylish futuristic case and dial design exemplified the fusion of the earth and outer space.


The quest for speed

For CITIZEN, genuine convenience means our customers being able to acquire and display the time information for whatever country or region they are in as fast as possible. Driven by a great deal of research, the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE model (2011) was able to acquire a time signal in a minimum time of six seconds. The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100, introduced in 2014, achieved the world’s fastest satellite reception speed*—as little as three seconds. By providing each of the three hands—the hour hand, minute hand and second hand—with its own independent motor, adjusting the time became totally stress-free. The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100 was also the thinnest satellite-synchronised watch in the world*.

* As of February 2017, according to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.


GPS functionality on an upward curve

In 2015 CITIZEN developed a model that could capture not just time signals, but position data too. This was the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900, multifunctional light-powered GPS satellite-synchronised watch first announced at BASELWORLD 2015. It pushes the concepts of speed and thin design even further to get the maximum out of GPS functionality. Featuring a motor that can drive the hands both clockwise and counter-clockwise extremely fast, it provides the precise time for wherever you are at high speed. It is also the world’s thinnest GPS satellite-synchronised watch.* CITIZEN is always striving for faster and more precise timekeeping. Our quest never ends.

* As of February 2017, according to research by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.


Note : There are models which are no longer in production or not available in some markets.