Diamonds that make the world a slightly better and more beautiful place. —Lab-Grown Diamonds —

Lab-grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are ethical diamonds that originate in their entirety in a laboratory, rather than in the earth, and possess the same hardness and brilliance as mined diamonds.
At CITIZEN, we want to help our planet stay beautiful, so we are doing what we can to offer more sustainable choices.

1. Brilliant and beautiful

As the name suggests, lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in laboratories, factories or research centers.
They possess the same brilliance and hardness as natural diamonds with none of the concerns about environmental impact, safety or labour standards.
Natural diamonds are like flowers that bloom in the wild; lab-grown diamonds are like greenhouse-grown flowers. Though grown in different environments, both are equally beautiful.

2. Sustainable and ethical

Lab-grown diamonds have minimal environmental impact. Worker safety is assured since making them involves no digging of deep mine shafts.
And because they are not mined, lab-grown diamonds cannot be conflict diamonds.

Enjoy the traditional beauty of diamonds with the added knowledge that neither people nor the environment suffered for them.

3. Certified quality

We use Swarovski Created Diamonds for the lab-grown diamonds in these watch models.
Backed by the Swarovski name, you can be sure of their quality.
Not only is each diamond laser engraved with the inscription ‘SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND,’ the Swarovski company itself is RJC-certified *.
These are products you can believe in.

* RJC stands for Responsible Jewellery Council . RJC certification is awarded to members who meet the council’s rigorous standards of responsible business practice. Certification is carried out by third-party auditors who verify that member companies are acting ethically, respecting human rights and protecting the environment.

※ The inscription may be in a different place than shown depending on the size of the diamond.

Models featuring lab-grown diamonds