What will you find beyond your limits? How will you feel when you get to places where no one’s ever been before? Infinite possibilities, infinite choices: There’s a new world out there, beyond anything you have imagined, waiting to be explored. Beyond your imagination.
Authentic sports watch for the world’s professionals

From its debut in1989,
the PROMASTER professional sports watch
has been a firm favourite with professionals
who challenge their limits.

Functionality enabled by innovative technology.
Durability suited for extreme environments.
Carefully thought-through safety for the user.

Go Deeper. Go Higher. Go Further.

CITIZEN’s professional sports watch brand
takes performance to a higher level
to meet the needs of the pros
who blaze the trails others follow.
Beyond your imagination.


Unchanging Philosophy.Ever-evolving functions.

The first PROMASTER models debuted in 1989.
As sports watches featuring innovative technology,
they garnered a great deal of attention

Strong, tough designs that exude confidence and class.
The basic philosophy of PROMASTER is there to see.
continues to adopt all the latest technologies
as it pushes into new, uncharted territory,
but its original philosophy is
unchanged and as strong as ever.

The first PROMASTER models
  • 1989: First Model in MARINE Category
    World’s first combination quartz watch
    with depth meter using an electronic sensor
    Calibre C020
    ISO Compliant Diver *This model was added to the PROMASTER MARINE category
    after originally being launched in 1989.
  • 1989: First Model in LAND Category
    World’s first combination quartz watch
    with altimeter using an electronic sensor
    Calibre C040
    Altimeter (-300 to +5,000m)
  • 1989: First Model in SKY Category
    Combination quartz watch
    with IC based world-time function
    Calibre C080