A field watch ready for
any summit,
with an
altimeter functional
at up to
10,000 metres
above sea level


With an altimeter functional up to 10,000 metres,
far higher than Everest, the Eco-Drive ALTICHRON
fuses passion and imagination into
one state-of-the-art watch. Equipped with
Eco-Drive technology, ambient light is enough
to keep this timepiece moving.
The Eco-Drive ALTICHRON is also built to withstand cold,
with all functions available in temperatures
as low as -20℃. The PROMASTER legacy
lives on in this rugged outdoor watch.


10,000 metres:
Higher than any mountain on Earth
Altimeter and

Eco-Drive Altichron’s altimeter can measure from minus 300 metres to 10,000 metres above sea level—higher than any mountain on Earth! Once activated, the altimeter continuously measures your altitude for five minutes, then provides automatic readings every three minutes over the next 12 hours, freeing climbers to focus on climbing without the need to perform any fiddly manual operations.
With all the information displayed in analogue rather than digital format, there is no need to switch away from the all-important time display to check altitude or orientation.


Keeps running even on
wind-ravaged mountaintops
Cold proof to
minus 20℃

When you’re exposed to a raging wind on the summit of a mountain, you can experience unimaginable levels of cold. But however severe the conditions, climbers need access to time and altitude information.
For PROMASTER, we recreated an ultra-cold environment in which to conduct a barrage of verification tests. We successfully demonstrated that the watch, altimeter and compass all continue working even at minus 20°C. This is a professional sports watch you can rely even in harsh, cold regions.