Riiiver will extend
the field of your watch

What is Riiiver?

Riiiver is a service which connects a watch to the Internet through the dedicated app on your smartphone.

By using Riiiver, you can give functions which are unavailable on a traditional watch to your watch. Moreover, the functions can be set and replaced as you like any time.

To a Riiiver-compatible watch, you can add functions you want like installing apps on your smartphone.

For example,

  • By pressing a button of the watch, the second hand indicates chance-of-rain.
  • By pressing a button of the watch, you can turn on/off the air conditioner.
  • By pressing a button of the watch, the second hand indicates the result of a sport game.
Many other functions are also ready for use.

We call each of these functions an “iiidea” on Riiiver.
Because the functions, or “iiideas”, come from ideas of “I want a function like that” of various people.

Riiiver’s field is not limited within the world of the watch, it covers other various devices.
For example, by using a special device, you can realize unlocking the door of your house by pressing a button of your watch.

Make an original watch for you, optimized with your life, by choosing iiideas you like.

About Riiiver: https://riiiver.com/

System of an iiidea

An iiidea consists of three types of parts or “Pieces”: “T” Piece, “S” Piece and “A” Piece.
A “T” Piece works as a cue to execute an “S” Piece and an “A” Piece works corresponding to the result derived from the previous Piece.

A “T” Piece works as the cue to execute an iiidea. (“Trigger”)

Ex.: Detecting press of a watch button, an incoming call, coming of a date assigned, etc.

An “S” Piece makes information output. (“Service”)

Ex.: Chance-of-rain in a place you chose, score of a baseball game, randomized Yes and No, etc.

An “A” piece works to indicate information. (“Action”)

Ex.: Indicating percentage through the second hand, vibrating the watch, emitting sound from the watch, etc.