W770 Riiiver

W770 is a smartwatch, which is connected with your smartphone through the dedicated app installed on the phone.

On a smartwatch, following functions become available through the dedicated app.

Moreover, on W770 Riiiver, you can add various functions (called iiideas) to the watch owing to the Riiiver function of the dedicated app.

Of course W770 Riiiver in itself can be utilized as a good analog solar-powered watch.
Its possibility may be enhanced more as a network-connected device if you connect it with your smartphone and use as a smartwatch cooperating with the Riiiver service.

Welcome to the field of W770 Riiiver!

To customers using the dedicated app “CiTIZEN Bluetooth Watch”

Customers who has already used W770 with the dedicated app “CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch” will be able to use the watch as W770 Riiiver by updating its firmware and switch the app to “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770”, the new dedicated app, for connection with the smartphone.

For details, see “W770 and W770 Riiiver”.

For more information about Riiiver and iiidea, see the web site below:


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