How to use

W770 Riiiver

Pairing (registering) of a smartphone

Registering a smartphone

    Operation on the smartphone

  1. Download the dedicated app “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770” at an app site and install it.
  2. Start the dedicated app.
  3. !

    Keep the screen of the app shown.

  4. Tap “Pair a watch”.
  5. !

    When the message is not indicated, tap on the bottom of the screen and tap “Pair a watch“.

  6. Tap “Pair a watch”.
  7. Operation of the watch

  8. Pull the crown out to position 1.
  9. The second hand points to 30 seconds and stops.

  10. Rotate the crown to change the mode to [TME] or [L-TM].
  11. Push the crown in to position 0.
  12. Press and release the upper right button B.
  13. The second hand points “ACT” (40-second position) and registration starts.


    Agree when a dialog appears to request your permission to use Bluetooth connection.


    On some models of smartphones, you must allow using of your location information.

When registration was successfully finished

“Connected” is displayed on the screen of the app.


The watch and the smartphone are connected as registration is finished.
The function hand of the watch points “ON” of connection status and the second hand returns to normal movement.

When notice of firmware update is appeared.

The following notice may be displayed after pairing.

You must execute this firmware update to connect the watch and your smartphone through the dedicated app “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770”.

When executing this firmware update, check ang agree with all the terms, apply check marks on all items and tap “Agree to all the terms and update”.

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